The Book

Shadows Gray by Melyssa Williams is available on your Kindle, PC, Nook, and also in paperback now!


  1. what is up with the book these days?

  2. It's lounging around, sipping mai-tais, being ignored! Did you ever finish it? I don't remember ever hearing from you afterwards, but I may have forgotten. I got some good feedback and I just have a few edits to make. I had a librarian/reviewer read it and she thinks it's quite good and I really like her suggestions. Mandy read it as well and I have a couple edits from her to incorporate. Basically, I haven't looked at it in about two months. Mike wants me to attempt to actually get it published in "real" book form (as opposed to self, E publishing) but I don't know. If I could just dedicate a weekend to it, I think it'd be ready to upload to Kindle and Nook...then Amazon and Barnes and Noble pretty much take it from there! Just getting the guts to do it. And I thought writing it would be the hard part!!

  3. I love, love, love your writing.
    I think you may be a more entertaining version of myself.
    (Can't lie, I like you for that...but am also a bit irritated by it.)
    Just read your last post and thought, "I'm SO going to ask a question like that at church on Sunday. 'Who wants to drink wine and watch Harry Potter?'" (tough punctuation with a quote inside a quote)
    I looked up your book on Amazon.
    I am interested enough that I'm going to fight with my stupid Ipad and figure out how to make it work.

  4. Thankful Becks,

    It's available in paperback now, so no arguing with your Ipad needed!