Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'm about to break out in song, specifically So Long, Farewell, from The Sound of Music, but I will refrain (though I do know all the parts and all the waves). It's time for this little blog to go the way of all little blogs everywhere, to the Big Blog Land in the Sky, where it can ramble to its hearts content out in the Green, Green Pastures. Everyone dies, my dears, and The Daze of Us is no exception. There are plenty of stories and silliness for you to read, and though I don't plan on continuing writing on here, I still love getting comments and shout-outs, so keep em coming!

Things this blog has done for me:

given me a voice

found me new friends

gotten me accused of child-hating (good times, good times...)

acquired new jobs

given me an outlet

caused fights 

made me think hard

renewed my love for writing

Things this blog has done for you:

delayed your laundry

given you something else to read besides The National Enquirer 

However, it's lived its life. 

And it was a full life.

Full of giggles, love, silliness, occasional rants, oddball reflections, and a small bit of my heart. Also, copious amounts of cheez-its and bottles of merlot.

Thanks for being a part of it for four years! I would kiss you if I could. Really. You can find me on Facebook if you'd like to stay in touch, read me in MaryJane's Farm, and Home Educating Family Magazine, and naturally, look for my books. Maybe someday there will be a new one ... after all, I have four years of material.

Love to you! 


The Daze of Us funeral and viewing will be Monday, February 25th, when I shut this puppy down. Wear black veils, puhleeze, and bring chocolate. Until then, peruse your favorite posts and remember: that laundry is not going to ignore itself!

That is all.

'Cept ...

I wuv you. 


  1. NOoooooOOOooOOOooooOOo!! What a sad sad sad day! I will miss reading! Luckily you are an author now, so I can get my fix that way!

  2. Aww, so sad. But such is the cycle of life (another song for you to break out into!) And now I'm singing So Long, Farewell! It was a pleasure reading your "Daze" even though I stumbled upon them late. Aufedersein! <3 Anne C.

  3. And I was going to ask if I could be a guest blogger. You know, next week... But I really am going to make a book out of these.

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  5. :( what a sad day. please tell me you are starting a new blog? i love reading your stories and seeing your pictures.

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  7. Nooo...I just found you and was already passing on your posts to family members! I'm not sure exactly how blogs work but does this mean your previous posts will disappear completely and we'll never be able to read them again? That makes me so sad...I was so enjoying reading through all the ones I missed. :(

    1. That's what it means, sweet anonymous! But thanks for reading - I appreciate it and hope I brought a smile to you and your family!