Monday, February 23, 2009

"The cure for boredom is curiousity.
There is no cure for curiousity."
That quote was on my tea bag. I forget who said it but I thought it was apt for these little monkeys. Man, those tea bag writers are sage!

Cora's first swim meet! She took first in both her events: butterfly and free style!

I know, we need to feed her some cheeseburgers, right?
Gianni got his stitches out this morning. He seems a little bummed probably due to the fact that those bright blue threads in his head got him a lot of attention from pretty girls! Daddy tried to tell him chicks dig scars and it was a shame it was on the back of his head where his (invisible) hair will someday cover it. But at the rate this little gremlin is going, he will have plenty of scars to impress the ladies.
He's also quite the bookworm lately. His two faves are "Goodnight, Gorilla" and "Moo, Baa, LaLaLa." The latter was also Cora's favorite at this age although she prefered the 'sheep says baa' page as opposed to his favorite, 'cats and kittens say meow.' All the animals in Luigi's opinion should say 'meow' in a long, drawn out, high pitched squeal. We have also perfected Pavlov's theory: everytime you say the word 'gorilla' he lets out a snore because that's how the last page of "Goodnight, Gorilla" ends. You could hide it in a sentence like, "Will you go put (Gorilla) your napkin in the trash" and he will interrupt you to snort a "Zzzzzz" sound. Very cute. What's not so cute was trying to sneak in a shower this morning with him pulling away the curtain and trying to crawl in with me, completely clothed. Silly me thinking I could do that with anything less than the aftermath of a small hurricane to clean up afterwards. Didn't even get to wash my locks (once a week whether I need it or not). Remember those days, Mommies everywhere, when we used to deep condition our hair for 5 - 10 minutes, exfoliate with apricot scrub, shave our legs without leaving behind a racing stripe accidently because of being in a hurry, and just, imagine that, stay in until the water gets cold? Now the water is cold to begin with because we're the last to shower in the house and you had to run the dishwasher that's overflowing with filth and you streaked through the house in your skivvies to the washing machine to dump in a load of much needed under-roos because you just realized your children are bare-tushed and possibly enjoying it too much and your spouse is resorting to turning his inside out for another day of wear and let's face it, you have to launder those in Hot so there goes the last of the water, and the hubby got his shower first because he snuck to it faster, and by the time you get there, it's like, lunch time and you haven't had breakfast yet, and you're wondering if microwaving the same cup of coffee 6-8 times per cup, per morning, for the past 8 (insert your eldest child's age here) years will give you some form of hideous cancer. And now the toddler won't stop flushing the toilet over and over and the last sliver of soap squished down the drain when you dropped it and you're thinking those people from a few hundred years ago knew what they were doing when they only bathed once a year, obviously they had children and weren't as stupid as us modern americans. Or is this just me?
Cora's first swim meet was lots of fun, both for her and for her 'stage parents.' I don't know what to call the swim equivelent to the 'stage mother' I always dealt with in my 20+ years of ballet. At least we aren't screaming at the coach and threatening our daughter with bodily harm for anything less than first place. Which she totally got. Oh yeah. Didn't even have to threaten. She smoked 'em. This is good, because the only way she's getting to college is through some neat form of scholarship. Or a sponser. Anyone? The other two rugrats need to find a hobby/talent also and stat: their college fund wouldn't fund The Tooth Fairy Fund at this sad, sad point. I guess I don't need to think so pessimistically though. Maybe they won't be college material! Problem solved.


  1. I heard that Mark Shafer was sponsoring children for college

  2. What's up with the one huge paragraph? It's like you attending public school or something!

  3. And as you can tell from my typo filled comment above, I DID attend public school!