Monday, October 11, 2010

a frog on a log in a bog

Have I mentioned how crazy beautiful Michigan is in the fall?

              The colors are fabulous.  And inexplicably make me want to wear plaid.

 This was the scene of our most recent homeschooling field trip.  It was a bog!  For some reason I feel the need to use an exclamation point there.  The first book Cora ever read alone was something about a frog on a log in a bog.

    This is Cora's new buddy, Emily.  Isn't she a cutie pie?   I heart homeschoolers.

Our fearless leader was a retired biology professor.  He's pointing out a teeny tiny something-or-other.  He showed me too but it was so itty bitty I mostly nodded my head and pretended to see what he was showing me.  I tried to pretend I went to college for something academic and not for the pink tutus.  I think he was onto me.

 It's like I live in a postcard.

   This was a Pitcher Plant.

   This was me trying to be artistic, photographically speaking.

After our Thursday field trip we had our Friday homeschool co-op, where Cora got to have a choir class and gym, and Anna got have a scouting class and gym.  Did I mention how much I heart homeschoolers?

I have no idea why my print turned yellow. 
But I like it.

A couple Gianni-isms before you head off to bed:

After eating all my buffalo chicken stew with blue cheese crumbles, he said,
"Mom, give me some more bites with dat stinky cheese on it!"

After finding his shoes out in the back forty (with a caterpillar* in the toe) he cuddled them close to his heart and crooned,
"Oh my shoes, I missed you SO MUCH!"

The dominoes with the tiny dots, as opposed to the ones with the larger sized dots, are in his highly pitched voice, "Soooooo cute!"

He has been on a bathing strike for longer than I care to tell you, but I finally found the cure:  hanging him upside down by his feet and 'dipping' him in head first.

*caterpillar now deceased.


  1. beautiful!! still feels a bit like summer here. I keep wearing long sleeve shirts, only to shed them by 2pm. My AC kicked on this morning . . . i can't tell if it portends a crazy cold winter or a really mild one. :)

  2. beautiful! but if u came back i woould make sure it was all fall-like and pretty here too, even if i had to spray paint some leaves myself. just sayin.

  3. I am jealous of your gorgeous fall! (And photography skills!) I really need to take more pictures. It's just that when I am chasing three boys around, somehow the camera is always the last thing on my mind while trying to decide how best to contain three of them with only 2 hands! When Daddy goes on outings with us, we get picture. Otherwise no such luck until Edan is old enough for me to trust with our $300 camera (he broke the last one...) Still feels like summer here. Fall keeps threatening to make an appearance, shows up for a day or two, and then summer kicks his butt again! Oh well, at least it's staying mostly below the tipple digits. Send me a box full of those beautiful leaves!! =)
    Gianni is adorable!!=D

  4. Quit posting good fall pictures. You are making life here difficult for me. Andy

  5. I love the me something to look forward to when Nature stops teasing us and gets serious about changing seasons around here!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You've got quite a nice place here yourself! :)

  6. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL????? Oh how I loooooooove the midwest and am convinced those that grew up here totally take it for granted! It's as though I want to take every flourescent red leaf home with me and make a pretty pillow? I don't know, but I definitely want to take them home! Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving when both of our state's trees will be bare and we will be cursing our frozen eye-balls while all of our friends and family say, "See? It's not ALL great!".