Monday, June 13, 2011

Williams chitlins

This is my first born...

she's spunky.


Tough.  Except when she's not, and those times I don't know what to do with her.  I'm frightened for the teen years because she may throw me for a loop once those hormones kick in.

She borrows my shoes.

She reads incredibly fast.  Like her mama, and her mama before her.  Her favorite books are by Jonathan Rand who is from Michigan and writes the Michigan Chiller books (they're like R.L. Stein for those of us '80s children).  She wrote to him and he wrote back and now the letter (a personal one no less; you rock, Mr Rand!) is on her bedroom wall.

Also on her wall:  swimming ribbons.

She refuses to admit she's best friends with Schroeder because after all, he's a boy, and boys have cooties and all that jazz.  But when they forget that and just have fun together and she manages to go ten minutes without smacking him upside the head, it's sweet.

She gets embarrassed but she doesn't let that stop her from doing anything.  I love that about her the most.

This is my middler:

She's ridiculously photogenic.  She could make the silliest face and the camera still loves her.

She is messy.


Well mannered.  Most of the time.

Doesn't like trying new things, especially of the edible type.

Likes me to read aloud to her.  We've been on an Avi phase.

She means a lot to a lot of people.  I love how she's so many girls best friend.

She wants a camera.  And a cat.

Please do not mail her a cat.

She is very vertically challenged.  

This is my baby:

He told me just this morning, hey, lady, wanna buy two tickets to the gun shoe?  And then he showed off his muscles.

He's ridiculous.

He also asked me this morning, how are your feelings, Mom?

I don't know exactly what he meant by that.  But my feelings are mooshy and full of wuv, little man, thank you for asking.

He likes football and basketball and soccer and all things involving a ball.  But he'd prefer a gun. 

He wears a Lone Ranger mask frequently.

He doesn't like to bathe.  He prefers to be covered in a thin layer of grime, dirt, dust, sand, rocks, stickiness, and frog juice.

He has no fear.

Photos courtesy of my sis' pal, Kim.  If you need a photographer in the Idaho area, let me know, I'll hook you up.  She is talented and full of creative ideas.  She also took the one of my hunk and I smooching on my little profile area to your right.   And yes, Gramma, these particular ones are coming in your birthday box I mailed just today.

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  1. You have beautiful children, and they sound absolutely wonderful!