Friday, January 25, 2013

why homeschooled ballerinas rock

Once upon a time, there were two homeschooled ballerinas.

It is pretty hard to imagine just how hip they were. Homeschooled AND ballerinas. In the '80s. YES PLEASE.

oh sorry. How'd Sally Jessy get in here?

Ah, here they are! Two little lookers. Which is hipper: the plaid vest with the turtleneck, or the doily inspired pinafore?  Perhaps the giant scrunchy? 

Sorry about the flash of light. My sister's legs were landing planes. Like the paneling? Oh I know you do.

What's more disturbing? The hillbillies on horseback or the fact that I do believe my father has no shirt under his overalls? I  need to bleach my eyes now.

Anyway, when you're even half as cool as we are, things just come easily. Like, for instance, six months ago Sally Jessy gave me something from her musical player thingy. I think the kids call it an MP3 player. Or an Ipod. Or some such nonsense. She doesn't know what it is either. I think it came free with her phone or something. Anyhoo. 

"Make it play music," she says.

"Sure thing," says I. "Hubby, make this magical thing that looks like a tiny fashion plate from my old Barbie Fashion Plates, play music, k? K."

"No can do. The SDcard is empty."

"Say what now? South Dakota?"

"Inside your fashion plate there's another fashion plate. Like a card?"

"Like an ace of spades?"

"Like a computer chip."

"I like chips."

"Never mind. Tell her she gave us an empty card."

"Who put who in the what now?"


So, obviously, technology is dumb and instead of sending back a full whatevertheheckthatwas, I am just sending her these:


  1. Hey, where'd my cool antique floor lamp go???

    1. We sold it to pay for better fashion.

    2. Didn't get much for it, huh?

    3. I resemble that remark, woman.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Here's the link to my post:

  3. Oye.... Flashback craziness... And hey- SCRUNCHIES ARE STILL COOL!!!! I wear one everyday to wash my face. :P