Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy birthday, Annalise Rose!

They may look innocent and sweet...
... but so do baby crocodiles.
Anna is now the big 0 7 and had the wild bash to celebrate it. The cutest picture was of six little girls lined up in sleeping bags, with Milo at the end (with his own sleeping bag to boot), but I couldn't get everyone in the shot. A couple hours into this adventure I was questioning my judgement/sanity and wondering why I didn't just organize a party and then send them all home. This was after the Play Dough Episode, the Popcorn Wars, and me catching one of them in the act of telling a spooky story to wide eyed listeners, but before they looked so adorable settling down for sleep. I was a bit concerned for bedtime seeing as how I felt obligated to stay up later than they and we all know I am a noonish person, not a night owl and not a morning person either. So at 10:15 I was perched threateningly on the couch directly over their noggins, shushing any spotaneous outbursts caused by too much sugar in the system and bribing them with the thought of chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream in the morning for good little girls who sleep through the night. One little angel was making goofy noises into her pillow and when I said, 'Kambrie, time to zip it, girlfriend,' she popped up and said in wonderment, 'Oh my gosh, Mrs Williams! How'd you know it was me and not a dolphin?!' It's a gift, little crocodile, and don't call me Mrs Williams.
We got absolutely dumped on with snow last night here in Cheyenne. The wild bunny rabbits that run amuck through our neighborhood are burrowing in our woodpile and all you can see of them when they hop by are their ears poking out of the snow.
Oh, and Anna's new birthday fish is named Swimmy. Of course. I suggested Michael Phelps but no one cares what I think.


  1. Whew, we survived (and so did all the kids)! Laney and Tyce say to feed Swimmy a whole container of fish food for them. Moms don't mind cleaning the tank once he's had his fill. Well, good day, Mrs. Williams!

  2. I love it! the way....went to Dillards today and noticed that Gianni has a clothing line....fancy pants.

  3. Heather B told me about this blog, and I have to say that you are hilarious! You now have another follower. Keep it coming!