Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry about the change of website! The old one, not to sound ungrateful, kept wanting me to pay for space. And we all know how thrifty I am. I am Goodwill's Customer of the Month after all. So here I be and thanks for following!

Here's an excerpt of something I found cute and funny. It's a to-do list that the girls wrote the other day. If you can't decipher the creative spelling, the answers can be found below.

1. play in a box
2. read
3. woch tv
4. play Wii
5. tell koch koch jokes
6. tock
7. play outside

1. yep, it really is 'play in a box' 2. read 3. watch tv 4. play Wii 5. tell knock knock jokes 6. talk 7. play outside.

It reminds me of the list Buddy wrote for his dad in "Elf." But it was a busy day: no time for Snuggles I guess.

In other Williams' news: the dog, Milo, has spent an entire year training Gianni to play fetch and it has finally paid off. He used to roll the ball over with his nose next to a one month old infant and wait patiently for that same infant to jump to his feet, grab the ball, hurl it across the room, and then hand out bits of bacon from inside his onesie pocket when it's returned. Now that Moose is walking and gleefully throws footballs (and anything else) Milo's dedication has finally born fruit. It's pretty cute and one of these days if I can figure out how to turn the digital camera into a camcorder, I will post it for you all to laugh over. The Little Pitcher also likes to throw things down the stairs. He stands at the top and lobs all sort of things into space. Shoes, binkies, toys, books, dishes, crayons, they all go flying by my head at some point during the day. He also makes the sound effects to go with them - a high pitched noise for the flight, then a crashing sound for the landing.

Well, in a few days Anna will go from being the shortest six year old in town to being the shortest seven year old in town. Definetely due for a growth spurt, Roosky is still a little dynamo. She is getting the hang of reading (thank you, Lord!) and getting more and more independent. Cora is off with Daddy in Rock Springs for a couple days, so it's me and her and several showings of "Mamma Mia" and "Hairspray." A couple recent Anna-isms for you:

While referring to our landlord, she called him 'the guy who REALLY lives here."

When she asked if our friends were going to be able to adopt their foster son, we explained that these things take a lot of time to decide. She paused and thought for a bit and said, "well, I can understand that. It takes me like, 15 minutes to decide what kind of ice cream I want!"

While I'm sharing things that will embarrass them later in life, here's one from Cora. We were studying slavery and trying to make it appropriate for her age group I explained that a hundred years ago she wouldn't have been friends with her good friends, Sammy and Meeka or Jamel and Kiana. With the innocent reaction of a color blinded child, she burst out in wonder, "They're black?!?!"

Those are the good points of our days here. The filler is me wiping the boogers off my shoulder from my sniffly one year old, trying not to throttle the first grader who just read the word 'actually' but is stuck on the word 'go,' and having all out war with the eight year old who refuses to wear anything but holey jeans, Broncos tshirts, and a baseball cap to church. Those events are peppered with long, daily rounds of "sniff out where that dirty diaper got off to," cooking with a toddler sized leech attatched to my legs, a failing battle with the basement monster who is soiling more clothes than I can laundry, trying to hold onto misc. children in the mighty Wyoming wind, readings of the Twilight series because my age is obviously dyslexic and I'm really 13, and episodes of Lost Season 3 that aren't going to watch themselves. It's going to be a looooong winter/spring here in Wyoming, so be prepared for more pointless ramblings and musings that go nowhere!

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  1. glad you switched to blogspot, can you update my blog for me since this Homedale winter is making me to depressed to do it myself????
    I miss your little muppets and am glad that they are staying as wild and wacky as their mom!
    serious, i miss you! meet you at the walla walla bakery in a hour! pickles on the house!!!!!