Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Captain Underpants

If you save the bottoms of your green onions and put them in water, they regenerate! Is that the niftiest and thriftiest thing you've heard all day or what? This also is the most thriving garden I've ever planted.


  1. Okay, you've just given my kids there first science experiment of the upcoming school year! That is a cool idea!

    P.S. Love the Captain Underpants pic! I have one of those. . .he prefers to walk around un-hindered by clothing of any sort. I'm sure he'll be in therapy for that someday!

  2. is that a Calvin Klein underwear model or Gianni?? what a stud!

  3. Did you write those refrigerator comments or are all homeschoolers witty and obviously well-socialized?

  4. There you go, posing as me again! I'm going to look really pathetic putting my own comments on my own blog here!

    No, I didn't write those ones. Cute though, huh? It's called The Bitter Homeschoolers Wish List and you could probably find the whole thing online. I think it was originally printed in one of the homeschooling magazines.