Monday, October 19, 2009

Even the cooks and janitors get a day off at school, right?

I get two days off, folks! That's right, the female offspring and the two that I actually claim to homeschool, are spending quality time with their dad on the road and won't be back until tomorrow. That gives me two days off! I'm just really excited. I don't have to explain the paradoxes of improper fractions or spell phalanges or anything that at all resembles education (not that we resemble it much anyway, even on a good day). I could so totally watch soap operas if I were so inclined (I'm not). I can clean the girl's room according to MY specifications (evil chortle). I could fold laundry while watching The View, like a good little stay-at-home mom (I'd rather slit my wrists with a plastic spoon). I could work on my parenthesis' addiction (but, why?)

I love homeschooling. I will say it again, thus convincing my inner voice who is being pesky and meddlesome again. I love homeschooling. But sometimes...just sometimes...I get a little envious of moms who get a seven hour break every day. I'm sure it's not as glorious as it sounds, but when you're trying to read aloud from Betsy-Tacy and renew it online and wash underpants and plan dinner and listen to some spelling and answer a text message and pull a toddler out of the toilet and and kiss a booboo and wipe up spills and empty the dishwasher and load the dishwasher and fret about bills, all at the same time, well, the grass looks awfully green and lush and inviting on that other side of the fence. Sometime the grass is full of happy singing meadow larks and has a picnic spread and waiting. With brie cheese.

So sometimes you have to take a break. And sometimes that break involves your children going on a trip without you. And sometimes that break includes Hagan Daaz 5 Brown Sugar ice cream. And it was good.

I would write more, but I have a lot of things to do today. Among them is a nap and a bath, although not necessarily in that order and not at the same time. Besides I have Anna's little tribute in my saved drafts somewhere, so I will post that as well. If it's too much reading, I don't blame you, you probably don't have the luxury of time today like I do. Maybe Mr Williams would take YOUR kids on a trip sometime; I highly recommend it.


Yes, I do have a toddler around here somewhere, and I will take care not to completely neglect the little dear. But after he's done terrorizing the dog, throwing his lunch, pee-ing on the hearth, losing his binkies, running naked outside, helping himself to a bath, eating dirt/sand/craft projects, making long distance phone calls, triumphantly running pellmell across the house with a potty chair seat full of ... well, you know what, THEN he takes a nap. And after the nap and after he repeats the morning's performances, THEN he goes to bed at 7. So really, it's an easy day for me, and did I mention I'm just really excited about it?


  1. what a wonderfully fantastic adventure you have ahead of you for today and tomorrow!! i love reading your posts! witty and entertaining! and inspiring, i must add!!

    i have a bath pillow, if you'd like to try the bathnap at the same time! it's wonderful!!! soon i will have a wineglass-book holder combo rack for the bath to aid in putting the 'nap' in bathnap!!

    cheers darling!!!

  2. the best part about this post was i was on the phone with Lyssa right after reading it (to get details on that ice cream. yummy!) and as we were talking about her 'freedom' today, Gianni put her wedding ring in the fish tank!! enjoy your day of relaxing, sis!!!

  3. Cora and Anna got me a wineglass/book holder/candle holder combo rack several years ago, and, as I tell them everytime they visit, "Yes, I do use it every day that I'm home." It's too bulky to pack for away use. It's very handy for balancing cake and reading. Not that I'd do that.
    I think Gianni would enjoy it if I got you one, Lyssa.