Sunday, October 11, 2009

wyoming weather update

The autumnal view out my window. The largest ice monster here is taller than my middle child.

Just an update on the weather, y'all.
The temperature here is 18, or 3 with the wind chill. Some lovely trivia facts for you this morning - courtesy of my husband who is foaming at the mouth with disbelief - it is currently warmer in:

Oslo, Norway

Moscow, Russia

Anchorage, Alaska

Duluth, Minnesota

...and compared to Cheyenne, Wyoming, it's quite balmy in:

North Pole, Alaska.


  1. But at least school is cancelled, right? Oh, wait...

  2. must be pretty this time of year.................

  3. I'm afraid Mike must be right -- only Gramma would appreciate this. And, yes, I'm dying for a trip to Oslo.