Sunday, November 15, 2009

These are my attempts at photography.

Luckily I have cute kids, because my skills are sadly lacking.

Anna, try to look up in a contemplative way!

Cora, ignore the wetness of the leaves and look adorable!

Moose, just stand still for a half a bloomin' second, would ya?

He looks like he's about ready to tell me where I can stick my camera.
So here's the news you've all been waiting for!
We're moving back to Boise!
Unless we aren't.
You're welcome for the update.
Nah really, we are moving ahead with the very, very likely assumption that we'll back in Idaho before the new year. Unless we won't be. Now comes the getting rid of everything we don't want to pack. I'm going to have to start wearing disguises at the Goodwill drop off center because they're beginning to look at me with very tired eyes and an air of dislike when I pull up in my minivan. I don't know why. I'm sure someone will be thrilled beyond belief to purchase my junk. There are some lovely size 4 jeans that mysteriously shrunk in my closet over the summer that some skinny girl will be glad to find, along with some tops that I can only assume react with the wood of my armoire resulting in a strange and unexplainable shrinking reaction.
The second generation of homeschooling is really going well. There are two stories to support my claim:
The first: while watching the film, Bolt, Anna asked if the scene in the humane society with the woman and her pepper spray was "practiced and rehearsed with just water, or was it really pepper spray that they used?"
Umm, Anna, darling, love of my life, my little punkin, it's an animated cartoon.
The second: while unloading groceries, yours truly, homeschool graduate, had bought a new canister of oatmeal. It was a smaller one that the last one purchased. The older one, the bigger one, still had a cup or so left in the bottom. I try to shake it down and consolidate so as to save me some precious pantry space, but rats, it won't quite fit. "Hey, brainless," says homeschool graduate's public schooled husband, "Try putting it all in the bigger canister."
I'm pretty sure we will be getting the cover of Homeschooling Digest soon.


  1. i love that you can laugh at yourself andy

  2. Did you respond with "Hey, brainless, do you know where coconuts come from?" Of course, I have made him watch Wonderful Life 11 times, so he may actually get it, but it's worth a try.

  3. Or how about "Hey Brainless, you have big arms"

  4. I love that I know where the last comment came from. Where's the smiley face thingamabob?

  5. My best response for second generation homeschoolers is I, a grown homeschooler for 12 years (not counting college, of course) tutor public schooled children for a living! And people pay $45 an hour for this service! Yes, that does say something for the sad state of public educaiton... =)