Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anniversary Hijack!!!

That's right... Melyssa's tech savvy husband has siezed control of the blog(and changed the password) as a celebration of both my nearly limitless power, and our 11th wedding anniversary.

So let's all take a trip down memory lane shall we?...

I Love this one for three reasons. First she wore those coveralls everywhere!!! (Hillbilly).
Second, how secure does she look in her decision to go through with this?

Third, do you SEE the gun show going on in background...???

Play this if you LOVE Mariah as much as I do!!!

Now, who WOULDN'T want to be permanently attached to these women???

At this point, I was about to cry... so was Dave... Still looks scared... If she only knew!!!
Ok, this was ILLEGAL!!! She's only 20! We got kicked out of the casinos at Lake Tahoe on our honeymoon as well.

The whole Fam Damily!!! Hey it's uncle Vinny on the right, yeah be afraid...

So 11 years ago I got married. Me. Mike Williams. I still can't believe it, I'm sure most of those reading this can't believe it either!!! I can honestly tell all, that I am more in love today than ever before. I have all I could ever want, need, or desire with Lyssa by my side...

I love you forever Baby.


  1. Read this if you want to kill Mike as much as I do!!! How DARE he post a skinny picture of me only to lead me into the depths of Weight Watchers despair!

  2. Ack so cute! You were the first friend of mine to marry and I was about to cry the whole time too. It was such a beautiful wedding!

  3. sigh. that really was a long time ago! remember how it started to snow just for your wedding? just perfect! you looked beautiful, Lyss, and Mike, well, i think you behaved! ;) Love you both!

  4. Gosh, it was a beautiful wedding. I still think of it as the most magical wedding that I've ever been at, and the marriage has proven to be magical as well! Love you both, well, all five now!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Love you guys and LOVE the evil laugh. Brought Justin running downstairs wondering what I was up to on the computer. :)

  6. Thanks, punkin! And I'm the hillbilly you love! Gosh, I miss those overalls...wish they'd come back in style already.

  7. Are you sure that wasn't a million years ago and not just 11? wow.