Friday, December 18, 2009

Farewell to the cowboy state!

I'm high on Sharpie fumes from all the packing, so this may be nothing but photos, but here is the last Wyoming blog. I know when speaking of Wyoming, I tend to get snarky, but I'll behave myself today and just show you some of my favorite parts of the last 18 months here in Cheyenne. It's a beautiful place, full of beautiful people, and we had a great time with our Wyoming Experiment!

This is Devil's Tower, and one of our favorite places and trips we took.

Old Faithful...thar she blows!

Yellowstone National Park. Uh, obviously. In case you can't read. But then you wouldn't be here.

This was in April...oh wait, I said no snarkiness. Maybe she's looking for Easter eggs?

Ok this dog lives on the roof here in Cheyenne. In all kinds of weather. He's up there.

Nothing really to do with Wyoming, but here is Gianni at the age of just barely two, after he made himself toast. Literally made it himself. 1. Took the bread out of the box. 2. Carried across the kitchen to the toaster. 3. Toasted it. 4. Buttered it with knife. 5. Got a plate. 6. Ate it. Don't forget this all involved being much shorter than the counter.

Our favorite neighbor in the history of neighbors: Lillie-Ann. We're sticking her in a box with airholes.

Close-up of doggy. Almost had Anna convinced it was a reindeer last year.

This is outside our church building.

Know what this is? Well, do you? Don't feel bad, neither did I. It's for hanging up your cowboy hats of course.

Again, not really anything to do with Wyoming, but here is Gianni potty training his stuffed gorilla.

The best part of being a girl is the sleep overs. The best part of the girls being of a certain age, is that Mommy and Daddy can go to bed at a decent hour and they can pop their own corn, take themselves to the bathroom, find their own sleeping space, work the tv by themselves, and generally stay up all night unsupervised. Unless their parents are reading this, in which case, they were never unsupervised.

Well, in a nutshell, and without photos of the cool windmill farms, uber cool thunder and lightening storms that you can see coming from miles and miles and miles away due to there being no pesky mountains in the way, and other great things about Wyoming, that was our year in the cowboy state. Thanks for reading, guys. I'll be back someday.


  1. Loved all the photos! Especially cute little Moose, the "reindeer" and the "Easter Egg Hunt" =) Good luck on your moving adventure! =)

  2. Glad there were no close friends there for you so you could enjoy all the beauty...but it must have been lonely.

  3. Nice pictures.

    Zinnada<>< from THL