Saturday, February 27, 2010

This one's for the ladies

As you all know, my peeps and I are rabid Bon Jovi fans, so here's the best of the best of the photos of our opening night concert in Seattle. The higher quality ones are from Mariah, who should probably just quit her completely unimportant job as a social worker and take up rock star photography which is really what the world needs more of anyway.

Here's us looking all glam before hand. Ok, ok, basically we slapped on extra mascara and put on earrings, but still. When you're 30 something house wives, this is as glam as you get. And poor Mariah had a practically broken back from falling down stairs that morning, a bruised up elbow, and a wicked case of food poisoning. Still smiling! That's my girl.

Here's the posse... If Kelly looks contemplative it's because she was writing The Sequel to The Movie in My Head. This movie (in her head) involved a lot of strange happenings, like as we walk down Pike Place a mysterious limo slows down and kidnaps us and lo, the inhabitants are Bon Jovi. The night was spent with random musings, and sometimes shoutouts, of
'In the movie in my head...!' etc etc etc.
She should probably write a blog.
She could call it The Movie in My Head, by Kelly. Dot
But frankly, I don't want the competition.

The Yssa Sisters. Look out Seattle!

And now...onto the good stuff...

Ahhh, so passionate about the songs...that's why we were there, the songs.
Of course.

Ahhhh, big dreamy sigh...

How cute is this? Two best buds who've playing music together for 30 years, poundin' it.

We were hoarse by the end.

Did I mention this post is for the ladies?

We were kinda hatin' all these lucky ducks who got to be so close. He was singing "Hallelujah" here, which, if you haven't heard him sing it, please download now.
I'll wait.

Crazy piano playin.

For the #2 Sexiest Man Alive (that's for you, snooky), sometimes he does a dorky chicken dance.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


  1. ROCK AND ROLL!!! (or as Tim Hawkins might say, "ADULT CONTEMPORARY!!).

  2. Oh my ever-lovin' goodness...that was the most refreshing little step back in time....ahhhhhh. Thank you for this. That little "movie in my head" blog idea is a good one...I might just have to give that a shot!

  3. He is still SO HOT!!! ahhhhh SO jealous!!! =D