Monday, June 21, 2010

my week, and how was yours?

Two out of three of my itty-bitties that I birthed, one without the use of drugs thankyouverymuch, have gone off to summer camp for 5 1/2 days in the wild wilds of Michigan.  I'm telling myself how much they'll miss Mamma, but I don't think they even noticed when I peeled out of the parking lot, the sound of freedom ringing in my ears.  I almost ran down another mom doing the happy happy joy joy dance.  The little women are so excited they didn't even sleep last night.  Their week will be filled with s'mores and bunk mates and swimming and canoeing and sports and singing and crafts and torturing the counselors and I do believe we will be hearing every minute detail of their experiences for years to come (or at least until next year when they get to go again).  I sent them with disposable cameras so you too can be forced to hear/see the rundown of their week.

This week we have a work party coming to help out around the Children's Homes, doing things that need to be done, and all for the low low price of Mike's lasagna.  They're going to need nourishment as they clean out pole-barns and move out one entire household and then drive it across Indiana and Michigan.  Gotta love church youth groups!  We love slave labor  hearts on fire for God.

I have been spending some time trying to figure out where the dickens I am.  One thing about living in a state with no mountains - no landmarks!  Which way is north, south, east, west?  I haven't the foggiest.  I'm not saying that to be amusing, I really don't have the foggiest idea.  Since we live in the country, there are lots of county roads but they don't seem to connect the way I think they should.  Trying to find a back road to the nearest city the other day, I insisted I knew exactly what I was doing and argued with my hubs on which directions to turn for about 15 minutes.  As we slowed down and entered what I thought was the exact destination, I was feeling pretty smug.  And then I realized we had just entered the town we had left 15 minutes earlier.  I am now stocking the glove compartment with maps and home drawn directions to every which way I may ever need to go at any given time.

Today was my first day driving the big ol' school bus size van.  Easy peasy.  Much easier than navigating.  I'll take driving every time.  I just need a boost to get up into the driver's seat is all.

Alas, I must go clean the bath tub.  Again.  Every bloomin' day I need to clean the bath tub.  I keep wondering WHY.  WHY OH WHY?

And then I remember, oh -

Gianni's why.

Right now the little angel is doing dishes.  That's right.  Yes, I AM letting him stand on a wobbly kitchen chair, with full access to the sink, the water, the soap, and a half dozen dishes.  It's keeping him occupied.  So I can write this.  Which is so important.  It makes me think of the day that I had about a half year ago, when he was really being pesky and into every bloomin' thing (I like the word bloomin'.  It's my word of the day.  Makes me feel like Eliza Doolittle) and it was a super long week and I was pooped and he grabbed my phone and made a long distance call to some guy in like, Madrid, or somewhere, and they held a conversation for a few minutes.  And I just sat there.  Cuz he was occupied. And I had peace.

Laugh all you want and just try to take away my Mother of the Year Award. ( Runner-up).  I'm a professional parent and I have the job description to prove it.


  1. Talking to strangers in Madrid keeps them occupied? I'll have to remember that!

  2. do you mean you actually wash dishes in a sink? Why? Don't you have one of those new fangled dishwashers? I thought a sink was just a groovy place to put dirty dishes before they get put in the dishwasher, kinda like a holding tank.

  3. Another new fandangled idea? GPS!!!! No more country road arguments (ahem....discussions) with your husband. Just let the idiot on the GPS get you lost instead. That's what we do. I can't believe they went to camp and you didn't tell me they were going. CALL ME!!! Love you.

  4. Dishwashers and GPS??? Sheesh, I never realized I had such posh pals.

    I have neither.

    But thanks for rubbin it in.

  5. you seriously crack me up, all of you. Camp was the best part of my life growing up, I remember every smell, stupid craft and dumb crush, it is the best. They will come home seeming older, so I will just warn you of that. I am glad to hear things are going well....except what are the child labor laws there? I think you could probably get moose to do lots more and not even get in any kind of trouble.....