Saturday, July 3, 2010

just things

1.  I pitted ten pounds of cherries today with nothin' but my digits and a pastry tube/piper.  Now my fingers are mottled red and I feel like Lady MacBeth.

2.  Those same cherries are bubbling in a pan with a crisp topping, alongside their buddy: wild strawberries and freshly hacked off rhubarb from my yard.

3.  Cora got her hair cut today. 

4.  It's the fourth tomorrow.  Lock up them little doggies.

5.  We went to Lake Michigan yesterday and I have the pink shoulders to prove it.

6.  I'm still only on season 3 of Lost.  Big sigh.  And in spite of hollering 'I haven't seen it! Stop talking!' for two weeks after the finale, I managed to accidentally see part(s) of the big ending.  Bigger sigh.

7.  Sometimes I feel like blogging, but have nothing to write about. 

8.  #7 explains this post.

9.  So then I rack my brains for subject matter.  But a lot of the time there's nothing in there but Tim McGraw and he is strangely silent.

10.  Anna has trained her brother to say 'Please, favorite sister' whenever he asks her for anything.

11.  I adopted her training method and now he says, unprompted, 'Please, favorite mama.'  We're still working on the 'You're so beautiful and skinny, Mama' part.

12.  I don't believe the health nuts who say you have to drink 8 glasses of water a day or you'll be dehydrated.  If that were true, I'd have been hospitalized years ago.

13.  I actually do drink that much water.  I just heat it up to scalding and pour it over coffee grounds first.

14.  I like a healthy dose in my mug of half and half.

15.  I just realized why I'm 15 pounds overweight.

16.  Oh, and the cherry crisp. 

17.  And the strawberry rhubarb crisp.

18.  And that incredibly fabulous banana bread I made the other day.

19.  I need to order a new bible, so if you have a translation that really floats your boat, let me know.

20.  My baby girl is turning double digits in 16 days.

21.  That makes me want to throw up.

22.  Soon she'll run off with the preacher's son and leave the suds in the bucket and the clothes hangin' out on the line.  Cuz Sara Evans doesn't lie.

23.  I actually have clothes out on the line right now!  I love it when the towels are super scratchy from line drying - that may be in a list of top twenty favorite things of mine.  Soft fluffy towels are terrible.

24.  My gray hairs are back.  Thinking of going redder this time.  Thoughts?

25.  My best friend, Mariah, started her own blog but I refuse to comment on it for a year and a half because that's how long she ignored me.

26.  I'm overly sensitive like that.

27.  My oldest memory is of a staircase in our house in California that I would sit on my butt on and zoom down.  I really, really, really, thought I was FLYING.

28.  Cora just finished her first Trixie Belden book and it made my heart melt.  Trixie Belden was my best childhood pal.  Honey, Jim, chocolate malts and double cheeseburgers, Reddy, Diana, the Bob-Whites of the Glen, the jalopy....I remember more of those books than I do my own childhood actually...Anybody with me?  Anyone want to join my Trixie Belden fan club?  Hello?  Why do I hear crickets?

29.  There are 12 snakes in the shed.

30.  There is the love child between a beaver and a porcupine trapped in the garage.

31.  I am moving into a house with pink carpet.  Hold me.

32.  In August I have to ride a bike 25 miles for the annual Baptist Children's Home Bike-A-Thon.

33.  They may have to leave me on the side of the road where I will have melted into a large puddle of Melyssa in this Michigan humidity.

34.  Gianni has two major loves in his little life: tractors and fruit snacks (which if you ask me, are like crack for kids).  When we found john deere shaped fruit snacks, he wet himself with excitement.

35.  Of course, he is two years old, so wetting himself is a common occurrence.

36.  Cora wants a waterbed for her birthday.  Anyone want to ship THAT to her?


  1. The Holman Christian Standard Bible has opened my eyes. Good solid translation and I think you would enjoy it. It takes word for word where it can. Andy.

  2. Holy Mother of Snakes! What the? How many snakes? And you can sleep at night? This is unacceptable. I clearly can't leave you unprotected in that third-world state you have abandoned me for. Hmmm... scouring the internet for home defense against snake items as we speak...

  3. 1. You need a cherry pitter!

    2. I'll trade you a cherry pitter for some crisp!

    3. Picture?

    4. Doggies (and bears) locked up

    5. What's the lake like?

    6. Sorry

    7. Sometimes I feel like replying, but have nothing to say

    8. #7 explains this reply.

    9. So then I rack my brains for subject matter. But a lot of the time there's nothing in there but George Clooney and he is strangely silent.

    10. Excellent!

    11. I always try to get Emma to say, "Please oh greatest mother of all mothers"

    12. "Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing." Redd Foxx

    13. That counts in my world.

    14. I just ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's cheesecake ice-cream.

    15. I just realized why I'm 40 pounds overweight.

    16. Oh, and the beer.

    17. And the food I'll eat tomorrow.

    18. And that incredibly fabulous banana bread you made the other day, because just thinking about it makes me gain.

    19. Sorry I am no help there.

    20. Yikes! Emma screamed when I mentioned that to her. She asked if she could fly over. I said certainly, if you have wings.

    21. Me too kinda.

    22. There's actually nothing you can do about this fact, other than accept that it will happen.

    23. I actually have clothes.

    24. Mine never left. Red would be cool. Maybe blue.

    25. That'll learn her!

    26. Me too.

    27. My oldest memory is of yesterday.

    28. I've never heard of Trixie Belden, but I'm going to look up those books now!

    29. Bears are afraid of snakes.

    30. Picture?

    31. SWEET!

    32. HAHAHAHAHA! LOL! OMG! Ok, sorry for that outburst, but if it were me I would be planning how I could come down with appendicitis or something that day.

    33. Please don't do it, I don't know how to be friends with a puddle. They can't even write funny blogs!

    34. An appropriate reaction in my opinion.

    35. Of course, when I'm ninety-two years old, wetting myself will be a common occurrence.

    36. Emma will buy her one if Cora moves in with us (and brings her sister).

  4. Love the "list writing". I think I shall adopt it for my blog post today. OK? OK. Thanks.

    YES!!!! in re to Trixie Beldon!!!! LOVED her!!! (Though Nancy Drew was actually my fav....)

    I am SOOOOOOO sorry about the pink carpet, sweetie. :(

  5. My kids love the scratchy towels too, and I really need to go get the rest of my laundry out on the line before dark - thanks for the reminder!!!

    My little girl just turned 10 in April. I love it! I'm really looking forward to that empty nest - especially after a day like today.

    Mariah - defend yourself!!!! :)

  6. Your best friend, Mariah, didn't know how to USE blogs for a year and a half and thought a Google account was something associated with googlie eyes.

    May'be next time you could make froggy crisp.

  7. Melyssa, you are another Deborah just shorter and has a blog and only has 3 kids not 5 like me, but the love of coffee, kids, fun, and laughter. Can't wait to get to know you more