Friday, August 7, 2009


A quick update on our whackadoo lives here:

Mike's contract with Eli-Lilly was not renewed for the coming year. This was not a huge surprise as this is how contracts work, but can be stressful if we think about it too hard/much. We will keep everyone in the know, you know, just as soon as we know. You know? In the meantime, we are hoping for his company to come through with another position as they have practically, almost, in a way, promised they will. He is doing well with the company and is well liked by his boss(es) so we are not quite to the stressing and freaking out stage yet. This job here will end December 31st, and with a little bit of luck and prayers, we will be cheerfully settled in a new place by then.

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  1. We'll pray for you all. Sounds like a new adventure is in the works for sure!