Sunday, August 9, 2009

the world according to kids

A discussion of the wonderful (me thinks) family movie "E.T.":

me: Wasn't that a great movie?

Anna: No, I hated that movie.

me: What? Are you kidding? Oh, you mean it was too sad?

Anna: No, it wasn't too sad.

me: When E.T. died though, is that what bothered you?

Anna: No, if he would've stayed dead that would have been better. What kind of kid movie has things rising from the dead?! That's just creepy!

me: So, you would've liked it if the cute, heroic alien stayed dead, huh?

Anna: Exactly. When things die they seriously need to stay dead, Mom, I am not kidding.


Gianni is talking much more these days, although none of you would understand and would need his parents or siblings to translate his gibberish. His two favorite words are 'Ora (Cora) and Anna and he enjoys yelling them throughout the day whenever those big sisters get too far away from him. Potty training is going quite well, although every single time without fail that we decide he's brag-worthy he will feel the need to soil his Lightening McQueen underpants right then and there. Keeps us humble indeed. But for the most part, the kid stays dry like a champ and I am doing substantially less loads of itsy bitsy tidy whiteys. Lately he has not been sleeping well and since he is quite capable of crawling over the bars of his crib (which we moved him out of a couple months ago but he enjoys returning to at times) and plunging several feet to the hardwood floor below, we took apart "the baby bed" and put a childproof door knob cover over the door knob in his room so he doesn't wander out at night and scare the bejeebers out of his parents. I think that may have been a ridiculously long run-on sentence, please excuse me. He will be two (eep!) in October and he is feeling it, if you get my drift. It's been too long since the girls were at that age, and I'm not convinced Anna ever was, so I'm at a loss with what to do with him at times. He's not eating his he old enough to make him eat them now?! He won't sit in the cart at the grocery store, but instead wants to run amok and hide among the bread goods...old enough to discipline?! But he's just a baby! Right? I don't think poor first born Cora ever got away with those things. She didn't have dimples though...I think he could rule the world with the power of those dimples.

No word yet on Mike's job, but of course you will read it here first when we hear something. Our home study for DFS is Thursday and after Saturday we will be officially CPR and 1st Aid certified and ready to take on one small displaced munchkin at a time. I may have to change the name of this blog.

If anyone wants to contribute to the fines on my library card out of pity, please make checks payable to Laramie County Library. We lost a movie. It was here and then it was gone. Gone, gone, gone. We have torn apart this house again and again and found all sorts of missing items we thought we'd never see again, but no "Snow Dogs." We did find the remote control in the playdough which made us all swivel our heads towards Moose who gave us an innocent expression, dimples and all. When questioned firmly where Anna's doggie movie went he gives us a sad, sorrowful look and whispers, "Bye bye!" Not a good sign. Not a good sign at all. Now I can't check anything out and it's not like "Lost" is going to watch itself. Unless the island shifts and I go back in time to solve this mystery which isn't likely. I suppose I'll have to do constructive things with my time, like laundry, which is breeding laundry babies as I type, and educating my kids who must be around here somewhere.


  1. I never saw E.T. thanks for ruining it for me.

  2. That was SO FUNNY abt ET!!! That girl is hilarious.