Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's the final countdown! (dumdadumdum...dadadumdadum!)

I have been absolutely terrible about taking photos these days, so here a few from times gone by.

It makes me want to break out in song.

Like, 'Sunrise, Sunset...'

Or 'Cats in the Cradle...'

But I might get teary.

What happened? Where did it go? Could it be that the elderly gentleman in the grocery store was actually right when he said I would blink and it would be gone?

I LOVE this one.

Anna and her Billy Ray inspired mullet.

This is the last blog written from Idaho, land of late May snow showers, before we head out to Michigan, land of extreme humidity and mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds. I don't even know which box to look in to find the shorts and tanks and other summer clothing, but I suppose it hardly matters since last summer I was considerably smaller than I am this year. Drat stress. Drat too much eating out. Drat Cheezits. Who knew the three combined would be a recipe for pudge? See that photo up there of a brand spankin new, we're talking hours old, Gianni? He has pudge. And it's delectable. Mine? Not so much. I even took up jogging for a few weeks. I swear to heaven it made me fatter.
In other news (because there is other things on my mind beside my weight - occasionally) I have also been forbidden from the camera by The Middler. My poor sprout. My punkin head. She is our hmmm, shall I say, coordination challenged youngster? I have never seen a child or adult or small animal or large animal, for that matter, bounce off walls and furniture as much as she. I think it could be a matter of not being able to do two things at once: talk and walk. And Lordy knows she certainly isn't going to give up talking. Anyway, we went hiking this past week in the mountains. I rephrase - we started to go hiking this past week in the mountains, but we didn't get too far before we returned a bloody mess. I know, I know, I am the Queen of Under supervision when it comes to letting my kids be kids and take their lumps and learn and get dirty and climb trees, etc, but to be honest I would never have endorsed what Cora and Anna were attempting to do when calamity occurred. And yes, I should have noticed, but until you've pushed a Moose in a jogging stroller up an incredibly steep mountainside, don't judge. It takes focus. Dedication. Bulging forearms and calves that moo. The first inkling I got that something had gone terribly wrong behind me was the screaming from Cora. Mike goes running back down the trail while I sprint with the stroller which was in danger of becoming Nellie's wheelchair in my favorite episode of Little House. It's Cora who's screaming and it's not your typical everyday holler for help either, it's a terrified out of her mind scream. They had decided to cross a tree bridge (a dead tree connecting one side of a 8 foot high cavern) which apparently didn't even seem a trifle bit unattainable for someone who can barely walk a straight line without tripping. So, yes, she fell and when her daddy managed to shove her back up to the trail, she was a bloody, bruised pulp of a girl. So, long story short, she's fine (and extremely lucky) but her face looks quite questionable when out in public. A huge goose-egg in the middle of her head, two black eyes, lots of bruises, and lots of red scrapes. All that to explain that she won't let me near a camera for fear I will document The Episode Of Which We Do Not Speak.
It will take us several days to get to Michigan, several days of Uhaulin it with three rambunctious and bored trolls and one severely paranoid canine. I am so excited to get there. My family and friends are so excited for us to get there. We decided to delay this whole job change thing as lonnnnnng as possible basically for their sakes: it took us 6 months of couch hopping to finally leave and as a result it's going to take at least that long for anyone to miss us. You are welcome. They've been planning the goodbyes for weeks. Sometimes they practice. But we just come back. We're like bad pennies. Or cats. Or your drunk uncle who shows up for Christmas. Just sigh and let us in.
I don't know how much I'll be able to blog about the new gig as house parents, or the new kiddos (due to laws and privacy, etc) but I will be back when I can, whenever I need to vent or tell a story or write love sonnets to my paper towels. So don't abandon me, even if I do emotionally pull guilt trips on ya when ya don't comment often enough.
That was a hint.


  1. First Comment, woo hoo!!! Poor little Anna, good thing there are no pictures or Laney would be so worried about her. She is still convinced that Cora is sick, in spite of seeing her healthy as a horse recently.

    Please don't go!

  2. Wow sounds like quite a hike! I will be praying for you as you and your family take on your new life. I will miss your blogs, but understand that you will have so many adjustments to make. Just know that you(all) are in my thoughts!

  3. And we're learning US geography, so we even know where Michigan is now. You can give me my Smiley sticker later for being such a good teacher. :)

    So glad you'll have a home - even with the humming-mosquitos. Eeek! Better stop shaving now. I hear that the hair on your legs will help you know when one's landed so you can squish it before it gets you.

  4. Thanks for proving the point I have been making for a decade...life reflects Little House.
    And that is that.
    Can't wait to see you on your way through WY!

  5. My little Edan got one of those nasty goose eggs when he was all of 3, the one that comes with the two raccoon eyes that makes you look like Frankenstein. I remember his cousins were scared of him because he looked "different" (uttered in ominous, scary toddler tones). But he's fine, now. I think... Anyway, I always love reading your blogs! Reminds me of our old pen-pal days when I would look forward to your long, chatty, friendly, hilarious letters! =) Keep it up! I mean, what else would I do online if not read your blogs?? It would be ever so boring! =(