Saturday, May 8, 2010

photos to go with


  1. Though the skeetos will make you itch again
    Congrats on the job in Michigan!

    Hows that for a poem, eh?
    Love you guys
    PS...I am not kidding about the mosquitos, they are the size of sparrows right now in those states :<, we will be joining the misery as soon as we sell the house!

  2. Showing some love Lyssa!

  3. Yes that was from me. Bri-Bro!

  4. You are going to LOVE it! We will miss you, but if I have to vote, I'll vote for Idaho mosquitoes instead. Of course, perhaps bigger ones are easier to avoid and not so sneaky . . . hmmm.

  5. I hear they have some awesome water parks in the MI area...I saw it on the travel channel. So there's something to look forward to...Or dread your kids dragging you on, depending on how much you like water slides. ;)