Saturday, May 8, 2010


It's official and the bags are packed! Check out our new employment/digs here:

After you're done checking that out, come back and show me some love and support. I am feeling needy. Here's how you leave a comment and tell me you still love me:

scroll down to the end of a post...

...see where it says "comments?"

...lately it says "0 comments?"

...see how insecure and unloved that makes me? on it...

...write me something, anything...

...poetry would be swell...

...tell me you're still reading so I don't feel like a dork writing in my diary...

...obey the word verification thingy... can do it...

...sign in...

...creating a google account is easy - it's just your email and one else will see that part...or you can use the 'open url...'which I do believe is simply your email which everyone can see...but who cares, cuz like, 4 people read this anyway..., publish...

...and imagine my happy smile.

If you want to make me postively giddy with excitement, go to the right of the blog and click on to be a kool-aid drinker, er, I mean, follower. If you don't, I pretty much have terrible photos of all of you just about, so I can make my own with your names on them. Just sayin'.


  1. post a comment? When did they put that there?
    I would have posted one every day, words of cheer!
    You are very loved, please, have no bit of fear!
    Your friendship and postings are oh so very dear.
    I almost always laugh til my eyes spill a tear.

  2. I doubt you really want me to leave a comment. It would be all about how unfair it is to me and Emma that you're leaving, how dull our lives will become, how upset we'll be when you're gone...see it's all about us. Do you really want to hear that kind of thng?

    Okay, I also have to say that I'm proud of you for taking that job. Looks like a difficult, fun and rewarding job. I don't think I could do it, but I think you and your family will excel at it.

    I love Tawni's poem.


  3. I love you! And you're moving closer to me so I'm haaapppyyyy!!!!!!

  4. "Melissa Millions"
    Laney calls my lovely friend
    "When will we see them,

    Love you all! (That was my attempt at a Haiku, I really should be homeschooling your kids)

  5. You are my lovely daughter
    I love you like I oughter

    Wait a minute! This is turning into Cinderella. Well, have fun, #1 pumpkin and the pumpkinlets.

    Yes, I have already figured out how much the Amtrak and the airplane fares are.....

  6. Well I'm no poet, but I will keep you in my prayers as you get ready for your new adventure. And as always, I love reading your blog!!

  7. I love reading all of your adventures! Sorry I feel bad that I would be so lazy not to leave a comment etc.

  8. keith(nonno)or (yesyes if you are grand children)May 28, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    I wish you all the luck and love. I do read and don't comment because it is better to be silent and thought a fool rather then write and confirm it. PLease come back when you can.