Monday, March 28, 2011

My Punk

Reasons to love him:

He has a curly mohawk.

He has sweet coconut milk breath.

He is a great back seat driver and likes to remind me that yellow means SLOW DOWN, MOMMY.

He is addicted to playing Memory with his Go-Fish cards and they are falling apart from use.  Sometimes he cheats, so you totally have to watch him.  But other times he feels sorry for you if you're losing and he'll give you the Starfish match.

He can write the letters "A," "B," and can recognize "C," "G," and "S." 

He is a good dancer.

He is a random drive by kisser.

And squeezer.

He enjoys his birthday suit.

He demands cheeseburgers in the bathtub.

He needs someone at night to snuggle.

He has a cow if his blanket isn't on his bed straight.

He wuvs me.


  1. Too cute!! Luke has a thing with his has to be folded in a rectanagle and carefully placed on his pillow so that his sweet little head hits it just right.

  2. i will bring him hamburgers in his bath when he visits NEXT WEEK! YIPPEE! i can't wait to pinch his bum, even if he is in his birthday suit!

  3. You forgot to mention his adorable phone conversation ability. I still can't figure out how he knows he's calling me; he must know more numbers than letters...gramma (google still hates me)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog from THL. I love your writing style and sense of humor!

  5. I love him already! My guys are older now, and I miss those birthday suit days. And the kisses.