Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Halfway thru vacation

Half gone is our little Idaho homecoming.  Sadness.  I can't be optimistic and say it's half full, it's simply slipping away by the hours like we knew it would.  Here are some photos and can I just say my thumb is sore and has the shape of the "erase" button on it from having to go through and delete all of Gianni's photography?  I have never seen so many pictures of toes, behinds, windows, nostrils, and nothingness.

This is Cora with our new carry-on piece of luggage.

We may have trouble with this lady, but she can come too.

Having fun with friends.  I heart them.  I miss them.

Once again, we try to abduct small nephews.  We got halfway to Oregon this time before Mama apprehended us.  Fishsticks.


In spite of being told SPECIFICALLY not to grow, these two little gremlins did anyway.

Such cutie patooties.  I changed all their little diapers at one point.  Sigh.

I know you're dying for more and they will follow in the exciting follow up of the second half of vaykay.  Right now I have to go scan and print my contract from my ezine article so I can get paid my millions and billions.  Actually, I don't know how to scan anything so that's why I have a hunky assistant to do those things for me.  He's so very swahvay.

If you are traveling with a small child, say a three year old, and he has food allergies and you can't buy him the usual suspects as far as an airport terminal snack, and you find a lovely and tiny bottle of what looks to be a delicious type of strawberry banana nectar and you give it to him at the layover in Chi-town and he drinks it all and then your husband suddenly yelps in fear and hollers to you across the plane,
"Why did you buy our son an energy drink????"
then, my dears, I will feel your pain.  And let me tell you, although I have never had an energy drink before, I can now attest to their supreme and sublime energy making abilities.  It was a night time flight.  A flight when every single person on the aircraft was snoozing.  Every single person except my hyped up Moose, who was talking so much that spittle was flying out of his mouth.  When we landed, it was 1 am Michigan time and he did the funky chicken through the airport.  When he was done with the funky chicken, he rode the luggage.  Then he talked for another 45 minutes to my parent's house.  Then he crashed.
The end.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Loved the pics and your new little nephew looks like a sweet lil cuddle bug!!

  2. Hahaha!!!! Energy drinks bad. Blog post good.

  3. Oh MY GOSH! When did our teeny, tiny babies become cute, beautiful, stunning young boys and girls....I can't stand it! I could not believe Ethan and Grady! Wowza! And that baby, so cute and ethnic looking, tell her to watch out those are the feisty least in my life!
    Love and miss you, sorry for missing the day at the winery, barely making it to bed lately, let alone out of the house. Hopefully I will see you soon!