Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The second post labeled spiders

That irrational fear that grips you when you suck up a spider in the vacuum and then you're afraid to turn it off because when you do the suction will disappear and the spider might come back out and eat you?

I have that.
Right now.

I think he's gonna crawl out and kill me in evil, creepy, villainous ways.

I'm skeered.


  1. When I was little my folks would flush spiders down the toilet. I was always afraid they would come back up and bite my butt.

  2. Sometimes I do that because I want to kill them in as many ways as possible. So I step on it, squish it, squish it again in some toilet paper, and then drown it in the toilet for good measure. But now I won't since you have me worried about Butt Biters.