Thursday, January 26, 2012

Top Ten

I love Steve - er, Dan.  I mean, Michael Scott.  Whoever.  Whomever.  He's great and I love him.  This movie is flawless and the perfect mix of sweet and serious and hysterically funny.  Ah, Pig-Face Draper and the Murderer of Love.  That'd be a great name for a band actually.

Anyone want to start a band with me?  You have to be Pig-Face...I'll be the Murderer of Love.

On a slightly more serious note (if you consider war and people getting their hearts cut out to be serious.  And I think you do) this is my favorite drama, hands down.  Braveheart is for sure quite worthy too, but this one makes me swoon.  I can hardly believe that villainous Wes Studi went on to play the Sphinx (he's terribly mysterious) in one of our other ridiculous comedy favorites "Mystery Men."  That movie makes me snort with laughter - Mystery Men, not Last of the Mohicans.  Also, Zoolander.  But we were talking about Last of the Mohicans.  It's beautiful and perfect and sweeping and inspirational and luscious.

Speaking of ridiculous comedies...ah, how I love Monty.  This may be the most quotable movie of all time.  What's your favorite color?  Blue - no, wait!  Yellow!  No - AAAGH!  Or how about the whole "She's a witch, burn her!" or my personal favorite, "She turned me into a newt!"  *silence* "I got better..."

One of the best romantic comedies is About a Boy.  It's not strictly comedic which is why I love it.  It's dramatic and has some ugliness and some yuckiness and a twelve year old boy and it has Toni Colette, who, let's face it, is one of the best actresses of all time.  Also, it has funny British isms in it.  That's what's Hollywood romantic comedies are missing:  ugliness and funny British isms.  If they'd just put in ugliness and British isms in a Jennifer Aniston movie, I'd be much more inclined to watch it. 

"Up" is quite possibly the best love story ever made told in eight minutes.  Maybe the best ever.  My kids can watch this everyday and I don't mind.  I can't say the same for any other movie in history.  Sadly, all Gianni wants to watch is Homemade Bound II and all Cora wants to watch is Myth Busters or Man vs Wild and all Anna wants to watch is The Elephant Princess or H2O.   I'm tearing up just thinking about Mr Fredrickson and Ellie.  I want to have twins and name them Mr Fredrickson and Ellie.  Or Keven and Russell.  Seriously!  Babies actually LOOK like Mr Fredrickson, don't they???  Tiny old, cranky men in onesies.  

Would someone please give me a baby, please?  Why do I have to beg?

Ok...ok...make fun of me...whatever!  I love The Mummy.  I said it.  I LOVE cheesey, special effects, adventure movies - so sue me.   If there is a cornball movie entitled something like Killer Crocodiles From Outer Space Who Eat Toes, I will totally stop the DVR from recording the world's best show to watch it.   Also, Brenden Fraser is easy on the eyes.  I may or may not spend the entire flick pretending to be Rachel Weisz.  That's ok, because my hubby spends the entire flick pretending I am Rachel Weisz so it actually works out pretty well. 

Maybe I just love Madeleine Stowe.  Maybe I just love Bruce.  Awww...Brucie. In any case, I love this movie.  Weird and hard to figure out and full of angst and sci-fi craziness, I just love this movie.  

This is my BFF's fave and I am so, so, SO lucky that it is because it's the only non chick flick in her arsenal.  We (me and Mike, her and her hubs) have watched this series so many times in our pajamas and fuzzy socks and brownies and ice cream and telling our kids to go to sleep, that I literally cannot count.  Despite that fact, I still have no flippin idea what the plot is.

I grew up watching old black and whites and I'd probably seen every Hitchcock thriller by my teens, easy.  "Vertigo," "Psycho", "North by Northwest..."    This is most likely my had it all.  Crazy sexy, suspenseful and just fun.  Who is the Hitchcock of our generation?  Maybe M. Night Shyamalan?  What think you?

Can't leave out this.  The movie I have seen more times than any other.  The one that is the most quotable.  It is inconceivably perfect.  I remember sitting in the Elgin Oregon Opera House (a crazy good treat - we never went to see movies in the theater.  Or at home.  Mostly, we made our own...bad acting...bad writing...bad Hollywood budget).  Anyhoo.  When Fezzik threw the boulder I threw the popcorn.  I so intimately know the exact second that Fezzik throws that boulder now I would never throw the popcorn, but that's because I have seen The Princess Bride, oh I don't know, four thousand times.  And I love it every time.

Ok, I lied.  I said Top Ten but then I had to come back and round it up to Top Eleven.  O Brother Where Art Thou is heaven in a dvd.  It may even be more quotable than Monty or The Princess's a toss up.  It's definitely the wittiest on the list!  You have to watch it at least four or five times to catch all the one liners, so go ahead - start now.  I'll wait.  Come back and tell me what you thought and we can ride off into the sunset, quoting Delmar and Everett and Pete and Big Dan...just DO NOT SEEK THE TREASURE.

Okay, it's not the best list ever and it will change as I drift off to sleep and suddenly think,

Ack!  I can't believe I forgot-

insert favorite movie here-

but these are the ones I would stop on any channel for, any time.  Because there's something special about watching a film on television, isn't there - even if you own said film on dvd or well worn VHS - because others around the world are watching it with you?


  1. If you like Dan in Real Life, you should consider Spanglish and Garden State in the quirky-funny-touching category. Love all 3!

  2. I know I saw Spanglish and it was really good! I'm pretty sure I saw Garden State but I don't remember it. :)

  3. "Half a gopher'd only arouse my appetite without being able to bed her down."

    TOOO FUNNNY!!!!!

    You're right - you have to watch it over and over again to catch it all. I NEVER tire of it!

  4. GREAT list... I LOVE Dan in Real Life. A GREAT human story, for sure... I also love the Last of the mohicans. it is my favorite Drama and my goodness, I listen to that CD religiously...