Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I accidentally bought $900 shoes

So I keep reading and hearing and seeing about clogs.  You know, the kinda cute, slip on footwear?  My pals who stand on their feet all day swear on their comfort and I know women who would never cheat on their Dansko brand clogs.

Somehow I've never owned a pair.  Probably because of my high insteps.  Anyhoo.  I got thyself to Goodwill the other day and found two pairs that were kind of cute and both seemed to fit my Flintstone/Hobbit feet.  One was oh, I don't know, what brand, but a fairly common, middle of the line, one.

The other...
the other that I bought...

was a European brand.
Called Abba.

It did not occur to me that this brand was actually Abba.

You know, like Dancing Queen Abba?

But they are.

Abba clogs.

Searching all over the web brought me a couple facts:

1.  These are extremely difficult to find.

2.  A pair sold on Ebay a couple years ago for $900.

Now, I don't have the box (which is quite OBVIOUSLY Abba, complete with photos) but the clogs themselves are in amazing shape.

I wore them once for a quick trip to the grocery store.

They hurt like heck.  It seemed as though they have tiny men with tiny spears jumping up and down on my instep.

So if you want em, I'll make ya a deal and sell em to you for half of what they're worth.  $450.

That's a profit for me of $445.01

And you thought I couldn't be a picker!  HA!  Beat that if you can!


  1. That's awesome!! You should totally put them on eBay! I would put them on eBay even if they were the most comfortable shoes ever to be placed on my feet!!!

    I bought this Comme des Garçon jacket at an antique store for $20 and was so excited to own something so valuable. I look so stupid in it and have never worn it - it's so going on ebay!
    Good job!
    Parisienne Farmgirl

  3. Your so funny! what size are they anyway? color? and yes I am one of those who love my Dansko maryjane red shoes. But thats not entirely my fault....it was the result of a shopaholic (me) meeting another shopaholic (my friend Lisa) who knows and speaks in expensive name brands.

  4. Krislyn, I don't know what size they are - some European size! But they fit me and I'm a 7 so somewhere around there. They're a caramel-y brown color. Want em? I'll trade you for your red maryjane Danskos....