Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shadows Gray: summary

Sonnet Gray has problems, and not just those of a typical 18 year old.  Her family is one of the Lost; time travelers who have no power over their journeys.  Hopelessly old fashioned and yet more modern than most girls, Sonnet speaks several languages and takes care of her motley crue back home by working in a coffee shop and playing guitar.  Over time, the Lost leave behind those they love and pick up new characters along the way.  In twenty-first century America, Sonnet meets Emme, a Lost young woman with a questionable line of work, Luke, a mysterious photographer, and Israel, a young doctor .  But no one can take the place of Sonnet's sister, Rose, who was left behind as a baby in the fifteenth century.  The ghost of her beckons from each time and place; but what's real and what isn't? Is Rose Gray trying to contact her before it's too late?

A ghost story with a sci-fi, Gothic romance twist, Shadow's Gray will keep you up at night, wondering: is the redemptive power of love enough to change history? 

Available for download this week.


  1. Sounds yummy!!!!
    Will it be sold in print form?

  2. Can not wait. Keep me posted so I can snag it for my kindle!