Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Down With Your Crafty Self

Every once in a while, I get down with my crafty, bad self (bad being the key word). I used to be quite crafty...before I had tiny human beings who sucked away my creativity along with most of my brain cells.

I could draw, I could paint, I could sketch, I could sew. I could also put my legs behind my head, so I guess most of my talents are kapoot.

Now I'm lucky if I don't super glue my fingers together or sew all my arm holes closed. I made Milo a dog bed the other day and I was so distracted by the three ring circus around me, I put the buttons on the wrong side. No way was I gonna rip em off and start over because I have the Universe's Smallest Needles and I didn't want to thread them again. Besides, it's not as if he has thumbs with which to button.

Lick thread...squint...poke...miss...trim thread...drop needle...lick thread...squint...draw blood...lose button...

But if it's super easy, we're talking mega simple, and CHEAP, I just may get out the ol' hot glue gun, and go nuts.

Did I mention cheap? I heart cheap. You're talking to a person who literally has a shoelace in her hair as a headband at this moment. This is how cheap I am today:

I needed a scrap of lace and surprisingly, had none. Not the teensiest bit. Not a smidge. Not even a tad bit of lace ribbon. I had seen something on pinterest with a empty picture frame (of which I have several that languish sadly in my cupboard because my hubby called them creepy hanging on the wall). Behind the picture frame is either ribbons of lace, or just lace. This lace is perfect for earrings. I used a mixture of nails and fabric glue to stick it into place. I also may or may not have glued my fingers together.

I also needed something for my necklace collection. I took the largest frame and hammered in a bunch of nails. This looked terrible when done, I confess. But once hung on the wall and adorned with necklaces, it looked super cool!

Wait. I was talking about cheap lace. So, anyway, I went to Goodwill, my home away from home, and when I refused to spend the $2.99 they wanted for a lace table runner, I snagged a lacy baby girl's dress for .99 . Voila!

Pardon the cell phone pictures. I still have no camera - hence the phone shots, sent to Facebook, then downloaded.

Here's the earring one:

And here are the two of them together. They're getting along great.

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