Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Skool

So, today was the much dreaded anticipated First Day of School. 

I have had a bad attitude for about a week, a month, this year the not so distant past, and half our curricula is somewhere in Kentucky.

Major Hayward - "There is a war on, how is it that you are going to Kentucky?"
Hawkeye - "Well, i face north, and real sudden like, i turn left"
(Last of the Mohicans)

Hopefully, our vocabulary and science will make a sudden left soon. I mean, a sudden right. Wait. Did I buy any geography?

Anyway, I attempted to get my flying around on a broomstick under control, and here's how our day went:

The Good:

Anna was cheerful all day, and Gianni was very obliging as far as not flushing anything important down the toilet/scalping any chickens/stuffing beans up his nose.

The kids aren't on Facebook so they don't know I'm supposed to dress them up in their new clothes (of which they don't own any), hold up their cool lunch boxes and trendy backpacks (of which they don't own any), and take a photo with a delightfully witty caption, like all the good moms do (of which they don't own one).

not my kids

more like my kids. Except these girls look they comb their hair.

The Bad:

The girls wrote (in black Sharpie) on the front of their brand spankin' new notebooks, "Writting," and "Whriting," respectively.

I considered quitting.

Their dad is in charge of history and bible, and he planned circles around me.

I considered quitting.

The Ugly:

There was a nekked four year old sitting atop the table for a while. At least he was freshly bathed.

The Verdict:

If we quit now, we'll end on a high note.
We managed to get everything done, but like I said, half our stuff was MIA, and today is my only day off work, so it SHOULD have been an easy day. Hence, the stifling silence that would normally be filled with the smacking sound of me slapping myself on the back in a congratulatory fashion.

How'd your first day of school go?


  1. I can't imagine trying to do it all with half of my supplies missing! And if it makes you feel better our first day of school pic involved three boys in various stage of dress on our nasty love seat and one of them was upside down! So you are not alone in the no new clothes, fancy lunchboxes and back packs.

    Hope that things only improve from here.

    And you're writing is fantastic. I laughed out loud while reading.

    1. Thanks, Samantha! Glad you're here and hope you stop by often. :)

      P.S. My kids are frequently upside down.

    2. Recently another homeschooling momma told me that being upside down increases blood flow to the brain thus helping you to think. If this is true and her EMT brother really did listen in class...then my almost 8 year old boy will be a genius before the end of the year. Only time will tell...