Friday, September 21, 2012

The Great Pumpkin

Holy grownin' kids, Batman, I just realized that those photos on my sidebar of those three adorable gremlins ARE A YEAR OLD!

Here lies my children's childhood.

Why don't you just grow up and run away and leave me to become the crazy cat lady, who pushes baby dolls around in a stroller, why don't you, children of mine?

Holy cow.
They're getting older.

Somebody make it stop!

Also, somebody make Genesis return from Ireland - the land of death and pestilence and horror and lack of Melyssas - so she can carve punkins and take photos, like last year and every last year for the past 12 years.

In the Great Pumpkin's Name,


  1. I'll volunteer to go get Genesis. But, I have to tell you that right now Idaho looks like the land of death and pestilence and horror (and lack of Melyssas); the sun has turned to blood and I'm wondering if I should read Revelation again. Or not. But if I see any horsemen galloping by, I'm outa here!

  2. I am always telling Logan to stop growing but he's so defiant ;-)

  3. I mourn the loss of my Autumnal festivities. I live in a land with no u-pick apple orchards and pumpkin patches.....I haven't even seen apple cider in the grocery. Its all Guinness and sheep here....sigh