Friday, December 28, 2012


Boys are a funny breed.

For instance, they answer


to every question asked.

But if YOU ask THEM


they will stare at you, blankly, with absolutely no reply.

Let us revisit some of my only son's best antics, shall we?

And then, let us pour Mama a margarita, shall we?

Yes. Yes, we shall.

escaping nekked through windows

what happens when get high centered

first stitches

first merlot

eating packing peanuts (well, he's allergic to real ones!)

getting himself a drink of water at the age of 1

"want some butter, mom?"

he always left binkies at the scene of the crime

fish murderer

Barbie murderer

he had Alpo breath for at least two years (I'm not talking about the dog)

For an entire yr, he wore backwards pjs because he wouldn't stop with the gratuitous nudity

His friend, Q, poses nicely while G makes a mad escape

making long distance phone calls

I blame his rudeness on his father

going through my wallet for loose change

nekked jam session

sugar high face
And the latest: DIY haircutting

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  1. All boys are weird, or they're not boys. But he takes it to a new level, just not sure if it's higher or lower, however... (By the way, when he called me last week and I teased him by saying, "Who's this?", he responded with, "It's your boy, Gramma! Don't you know me?!"