Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chick Flicks: the Classics Collection

Now ALL of these are family friendly.

Unless you're a man, in which case, they are detrimental to your Man Card qualifications.

All the Anne of Green Gables from PBS.  From the pigtails to Marilla to Diana to the Lady of Shalot to the raspberry cordial, this movie is perfect.

Oh, Gilbert Blythe...making hearts flutter since 1908...

P.S. Ignore the last one in the series, made years later. It's weird and not based on the real books. Although it probably has some fine moments, I was too confused about the odd plot to notice.

The Colin Firth (what? was there anyone else in this movie? I didn't think so) miniseries, which is about 45 hours long and worth every bit of it, is the quintessential classic. It made Colin Firth...well, Colin Firth. I mean, Mr. Darcy. They are forever linked, let's put it that way.

The purists aren't as fond of this more recent version with Keira Knightley, but I found it perfectly luscious.

Of all the Fred and Ginger classics, this was always my favorite. You have no idea how many images of panty liners I had to wade through to find this photo for you, by the way.

Oh, Jimmy! He made many a fabulous chick flick, but this is my favorite. Hilarious cast and great writing (some days I pretend I'm the writer mom, other days I'm the batty ballerina sister).

As far as my boy, Cary, goes...well, it's a toss up between His Girl Friday and Bringing Up Baby. Both hilarious.  I wuv him ever so much.  And the only reason I'm not including Arsenic and Old Lace is because it deserves a blog of its very own.

And finally, The Thin Man movies:

Myrna Loy and William Powell were awesome. Their witty banter is something I hope for when I'm writing, and also what I base my marriage on. After love and fidelity and Cheez-its, naturally.

So, there you go! A Christmas list the girls in your life will thank you for.


  1. You are so funny. I do ever so adore anything with Carey in it, and have raised my daughters to be the same. He is the classiest of men and I could listen to him talk all day! My FAVORITE CG movies are Charade, My Favorite Wife, Bringing up Baby and the Bachelor and the Bobbie Soxer. SO GOOD!!!

    1. Have you seen The Thin Man?? You must, you will love it!