Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moose balancing my checkbook for me.  And looking cuter than a button in Mommy's glasses.

                        You can't see him very well, but this is the latest capture of the amphibian sort.

If you ask Moose what the frog's name is, here is what he'll tell you:

"His name is Me!"

Confused?  So were his parents.

"His name is Me?"
"NOO! His name is ME!"
"His name is You?"
"No, no, no! His name is MEEEEEE!"
"His name is Gianni?"
"Yes, dat's right!"

So Gianni (the frog) got carried around by Gianni (the boy) all day today.  Carried.  Shook.  Dropped.  Squeezed.  Loved.  Cuddled.  Kissed. 

Gianni (the boy) is almost ready for his first haircut.  I know, I know, almost three years old and he just now has enough hair to trim.  It's starting to curl in his ears.  But I'm afraid if I cut it, I'll regret it.  What if it makes him look older?  Ack! My hormones can't handle that.  I'm already having issues with not having a baby in the house anymore.  I'm secretly hoping my sister is pregnant with twins and she'll give me one (she's generous like that.  Why, just the other day she offered to mail me one of her already born ones!) 

Speaking of haircuts, I got my semi-annual one done this week.  Every hair stylist always says the same thing,
''s been a while, huh?'
Then they finger through my locks looking bemused.  
I have never liked my hair and whenever it's rebelliously curly I want it straight.  Whenever, for reasons unknown to me, it's straight, I wish for my curls.  Usually it's somewhere in between with a good dose of frizz thrown in to keep me humble.  I bought new hairspray today, guaranteed to weather even rain (get it? weather? HA!) and all sorts of evil humidity Michigan can dish out.  We'll see.  I won't hold out for miracles (Heidi Klum-ish) but I would prefer a step above Side Show Bob. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I changed the blog look again.  No more serial killer house...just a lovely orange to go with lovely autumn.  The trees here in Michigan I have to say, are out of this world.  I passed a purple tree the other day!  A purple tree!  I love, love, love it.  And I don't even like purple; it's my least favorite color.  But on trees?  Fantabulous.  Autumn rolls out a whole new list of annual movies for me: 

One True Thing.  This movie is one I've watched every year for several years with my best girlfriends.  We pop popcorn (which I don't eat, blech), sip tea or wine, braid each other's hair, and sob over Meryl Streep dying of cancer.  Every year I sob harder.  I can't help it, that woman is good.  And William Hurt is amazing in that movie. 

Hocus Pocus.  The girl's favorite Halloween movie. 

Arsenic and Old Lace.  Definitely in my top five favorite flicks ever.  I heart Cary Grant.  He is so funny in this, I never fail to crack up every year.  Even though it's an old black and white movie with no CGI or Disney channel pop princesses, my kids love this movie too.  It is hilariously funny and if you haven't seen it you really really should.

What are your favorite fall movies?

I refuse to believe no one else categorizes their movies according to seasons. 


  1. Don't forget "Murder He Says"! I'm the short one!
    And I promise if I have twins, you will be getting at least one of them! :p

  2. Of course we all catagorize favorite movies by season, I mean come on. I sooo miss our yearly One True Thing sob-n-snot fest. It almost doesn't seem right to watch it alone. Maybe if I medicate we know anyone that might have a antidepressant or 2?

  3. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein? The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?(I know, I know-- Don Knotts scared Cora and Anna half to death last year. Strange kids.) And, yes, Arsenic and Old Lace is the best ever Halloween movie; it's also one of the ten best movies ever made. Period.

  4. Hey, wait a minute Genesis....I think I resemble your antidepressent comment!'re out of the will for now. And, believe you me, you were going to get a butt load of cash. As for categorizing movies according to season? Well, I think it is all of you that need the medicine.....OCD anyone? No, I think I am ashamed to say I do not categorize my movies according to season. Why, I don't even HAVE a good Halloween movie in my house but apparently I am going to go out and buy Arsenic and Lace today. And, yes, Lyss if you cut his hair it WILL make him look older. I'm just sayin.....spoken from experience. Once you dive into that you have to accept that he is a little man and no longer a baby. Thinkaboutit'

  5. ok, so I cannot believe none of you said The Nightmare Before Christmas! That is a must have at our house in October. Also Your a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown...also a must have. I still cant make it all the way through One True Thing, I have an emotional block to people dying of cancer...sorry. But, yes there are movies I do categorize by season, don't get me started with the Christmas must watch on certain days movies.

    Love you! Miss YOU!

  6. Beetlejuice! Best Halloween movie ever! =) Right up there with Nightmare Before Christmas--pretty much any Tim Burton movie, really, is my idea of an autumn movie. =) Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. Wellm my kids have just decided to give their giant teddy bear a bath, so I must go...Happy Autumn!! =)