Sunday, September 26, 2010

More autumnal movies

You are so correct, my loverly five readers!  Add em on, girls:

The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Very conservative Christians and baptists probably don't watch this one...evidently I am on the edge of the flock as usual.  A good flick for Gianni to watch before bed, because Fern Gully is, in his words, 'too scary.'

The Ghost and Mr Chicken.  Come on, who doesn't LOVE Don Knotts?  If you can get past the whole murdered lady with scissors in her throat part (my girls can't) you'll find this a very fun movie indeed.

Beetlejuice.  Love the waiting room.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Nothin' brings back childhood like Charlie!

Murder, He Says.  Sometimes (ok all the time) when my mom and little sis get together, a lot of movie quotes come out of our mouths.  And no one gets the references really.  So they just smile and nod.  But if you watch this movie, you too will have tons of one liners and you can join in our witty banter!  You know you want to!  And pass the grits with the gravy, would ya?

The Others.  When I wake up in the middle of the night cuz something went bump, this is the movie that starts playing in my head.  I squeeze my eyes shut and try not to think of creepy children.  It doesn't work, which is the sign of a really good scary movie.

The Blair Witch Project.  Sure, you all who saw it the week AFTER it was released and knew all the hype, you can go ahead and scoff.  Try going on opening night when you don't know what the heck you're seeing and see if you don't go home and sleep with a shotgun next to your bed.

The Changeling.  Remember the ball bouncing down the stairs?

The Sixth Sense.  I have a kindred spirit with Bruce Willis in this movie.  I have entire days too when no listens to a word I say or acknowledges my existence and I wonder if I too, am dead and don't realize it.  It would explain things.


  1. are you mad?? I AM your daughter! that part freaks me out everytime!!!!

  2. How could we forget the creepiest ever movie made in 1955!
    The Night of the Hunter...."leaning on the everlasting arms..."

  3. OK, now that the kids are not drowning their teddy and I can concentrate, I have a few more I would like to nominate: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (or however that's spelled). I just love the floating jack o' lanterns and all of the Giant pumpkins in Hagrid's garden. And Cinderella, with her pumpkin coach, and Mel Brook's Young Frankenstien. Also Interview with a Vampire, which puts all of the Twilight movies to shame! (Sparkly vampires! C'mon!) Sorry, I am kind of a chicken when it comes to the really scary movies, so I can't help you there. (I had nightmares for 2 months after watching Gremlins as a kid, for cryin' out loud!) But Sleepy Hallow is also one of my favorites, (the original Disney cartoon, and the live action version with Johnny Depp, whom I will suffer through scary movies for, but only because I love him so!!) OK, I think that's all I got... Now, where did I put my popcorn...?

  4. it kills me that people think the Nightmare Before Christmas is bad... as for Beetljuice, i haven't seen that in forever... i'm wondering, is it too "bad" to watch with an 11 year old? opinion?

  5. Misty,
    The last time I saw Beetlejuice I remember being surprised at the amount of language in it. My kids haven't seen it yet - probably an edited for tv version would be good. :)

    Ah man, I just remembered The Addams Family!

    Gen, I intentionally left out Night of the Hunter because that's a TERRIBLE movie!!!

  6. You have my top favs listed - Sixth Sense, The Others, and The Changeling (did you know that was based on a house in Denver?). Night of the Hunter is now on my Netflix. I LOVE Ghost and Mr. Chicken - my brothers and I could recite it word for word back in the day! The only thing I could add is a good dose of Buffy!

  7. Ok so to all of you who asked, is Beetlejuice as good as we remember? It is, but not good enough to watch with our kids. I was feeling nostalgic recently and watched and oh the big fat F-word is alive and well in that movie, and I have no recollection of it being there at all. So there you go, watch it with care!

  8. I don't remember this post!!! I LOVED 6th sense. Even though a good Christian wouldn't. And I think you might be onto something. Maybe we are dead.