Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MORE Favorite Things and Other Randomness...Randomnesses? Randomi?

1.  I want to be Julie Andrews.  The kids are watching Mary Poppins.  Last week I watched the Oprah with the Sound of Music reunion...I think I busted a tear duct while crying.  I also watched an episode of The Walton's that day.  Again, tear ducts overworked.  Seriously.  Julie Andrews rocks.  If I can't be Julie Andrews I want to be Angela Lansbury.  And those stinkin' cute Disney kids from way back when?  Be still my heart.  I could eat them up.

2.  I have to stop blogging now so I can go look up what happened to all those kids on IMBD.  Goodbye for now.

3.  Is there a way to trade my little trolls for 1950s Disney actors?

Because I can sing "Feed the Birds" to this guy and he doesn't drift gently off to sleep.

And he won't wear jaunty little caps.

And -

oh alright.  I'll keep him.  But if I find a Disney boy look alike roaming the streets, I'm snatching him.

4.  The holiday music channels are up on Direct TV!  Unless it's not Direct TV I have... I forget.  What's the other one?  Dish Network?  I think that's the one.  Anyway, there's several to choose from and it makes me very, very content.  Please pass the eggnog.

4.  This here is how we do a little campfire/wienie roast in Michigan! 

Note the proximity of the propane tank.

Your children are safe with me.
I am a professional mom.

5.  I think it may be a sad state of affairs of my stress level if when I catch myself singing the "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog" song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that I misinterpret the words.  After careful consideration of the lyrics, I do believe they say 'it's a brand new day, get your problems solved!'  NOT  'It's a brand new day, let your problems start!'

At least I was singing it cheerfully.

6.  If you run out of creamer for your coffee, sweetened condensed milk makes an oh-so yummers substitute.  However, at 4 billion calories a spoonful, you probably shouldn't snarf the remainder of the can.  Helpful hints from me to you.  Your love handles will thank me; in fact, I can hear them now.

7.  I got a blog award from this sweet gal which so totally made my day because now I know I have five whole readers instead of four.  Thanks, Sami!  And now, in true blogging fashion, I am passing it on.  Check out our mutual pal in fact, here.  She spunky, she's DISGUSTINGLY photogenic, she has six boys (and all of dem she done birthed herself), she has excellent fashion sense, she drinks a lot of coffee, she homeschools, she has feet that are my feet's twins separated at birth which we sadly only discovered after I moved so we didn't get to share our Flintstone shoe collection with each other, she, in short, rocks.  Check her out.   But don't like, get to love her more and leave me behind, I don't need the rejection, OK?  OK.  It'd be difficult to continue my co-dependent relationship with y'all if you aren't here.  Just sayin'.

8.  I'm very excited to watch the country music awards tonight.  I am so grabbing the remote right outta these rotten teenager's sweet little angel's paws, settling down with some snacks, and pretending to rock out with Martina McBride.  I am from the West.  This is the East.  They call it the Mid-West, but they're all delusional here.  I'm gettin my cowgirl on and how!  Actually, I did get the boys completely hooked on the Zac Brown Band's version of Devil Went Down to Georgia.  Even my inner city kids can get down with some serious guitar picking.

9.  They now make Gain dishwashing liquid and Febreeze.  I may have died and gone to heaven.  Except I haven't bought any yet.  But after I buy some, I may die and go to heaven. 

10.  You're still reading?  Really?  I love you five.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love the phrase "jaunty little caps"! If ever a boy was meant to wear jaunty little caps, it is Gianni. Keep trying!

  2. No. I love you. Loved this. You're so stinkin' funny.
    Have a fabulous day and this is where you should insert those fabulous ankle clicks on like Sound of Music and Mary Poppins... can you do that? I could at one time but I don't dare try now - I'm sure I'd throw my back out!

  3. I sing the "Stay Awake" song to my kids. :) I want to be Julie Andrews too.