Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things You Don't Want To Hear Your Three Year Old Say

1.  Hey, Dad, can I play Halo?

2.  YO!  Get at me, dog!

3.  Well, I just killed Anna.

4.  You're driving me ridiculous!

5.  Uncle Mark killed me last night.

6.  Is this the part where we eat Jesus?  (During communion at church).

7.  I need a beer!  (said on a field trip where we dropped Grandpa off at the brewery, where he threw himself prostrate on the sidewalk after hearing NO.  Gianni, not Grandpa).

8.  I'm A Littlest Pet Shop.  The reason you don't want to hear him say this ?  Try saying it out loud with a toddler type accent.  What'd you say?  You're a little p#%^&%*ed off??


  1. He can come have a beer with me any time he's a little p#%^&%*ed off.

  2. lol. silly goober! miss him so much! i still think of him as a little baby but now he's a Anna-killing, beer-drinking, Jesus-eating man!

  3. LOL! He has got to be the funniest three year old I've ever heard!

  4. And he's just beginning to be a 3 year old! I don't know how he'll make it 18 more years til he can have a beer with Papa!

  5. Aha! I have thwarted the evil blogspotnoncommenterelf who runs the comment department!

  6. Hey what about, "Hi Nono....ya, dats just me pickin my nose"?

    BTW, about hitting the deer.....I assumed since you blogged about it AFTER it happened that you were alive Ms. Brilliant. That would be why I never commented. However, it is intriguing that you hit a deer. Maybe we could write a bestseller about it......you might be the first one to ever do such a thing.

  7. hey, why am I always the last to know! Here I sit in the center of hell...I mean Wyoming, and I didn't even know Anna was dead and buried. I didn't even get to send flowers...OH, Gianni didn't mean he killed Anna literally. Sorry for the alarm.