Tuesday, April 26, 2011

homeschool blogs

Oh lovely and loyal readers, give me a vote here:


I know you're busy.  And I know I won't break the top ten...or the top three hundred.  But it'd be cool to reach new readers so that someday I can get enough confidence to actually write that book, make millions, vacation with JK Rawling, and send you all little drinks in coconuts with umbrellas.  You can vote once a day and it doesn't take but a minute.  Unless you have the world's slowest internet like I do, in which case, while you're waiting for the page to load each day you can:

knit a pair of socks

gestate a baby

read War and Peace

fell some trees

write your own novel and plan your own vacation with me

go ahead and take that vacation - there's time

watch Gone with the Wind

grow and harvest your own coffee beans

wait for summer

learn a foreign language

But those are just suggestions.  Thanks for the love, my little gingersnaps.


  1. i voted! love the picture for your profile! ;)

  2. How did you find out about this contest? It's not posted in the C.O.M. homeschool group that I am part of, and I never saw anything announcing it... My homeschool blog is weak and I'm not planning on entering, but I was just wondering where the feature is so I can get there without reading your post every day (although, your posts are always great and make me smile... it's the extra steps since I'm already in C.O.M. I'm sure you understand).

  3. Harter, I cheated. I saw it on someone else's status. Evidently I'm in C.O.M. too but didn't even realize it (I think I signed up wayyyyy back when I began FB) so I don't think they network very well. :)

  4. AH! Melissa! I thought the name of your blog sounded familiar! Yep...this was the blog I was on when the laptop overheated...AGAIN!!! GRRR! (DEAD FAN'S REEK...it goes to the laptop ER, AKA GEEK SQUAD tonight)

    Thanks for visiting my zoo! I was getting ready to leave you a comment when said laptop misbehaved. This post cracked me up. Sounds like the list of things I can do while this laptop recovers from overheating...but for the block of frozen squash parked under it right now. I KID YOU NOT... :-)
    Enjoy your tea!

  5. Kimberly,

    Frozen squash...love it. Once I used numerous frozen veg to help cool down my kitchen aid while I beat the snot out of my christmas fudge. Cuz, you know, I was in too much of a hurry to wait for it to cool, and too lazy to beat it by hand.

  6. LOL!!! I think we may be separated at birth twins!
    The squash has been replaced, by a bag of frozen corn, btw. Hmmm... I wonder what's for dinner?

  7. Ya got my vote. It was the drinks in coconuts that fished me in.

  8. I voted for you and myself too. Fun blog, you may be a long lost relative with my quirky sense of humor.