Monday, April 18, 2011

VayKay Part Two

Beautiful winery and two cute girls in their twentys.  Or something.

This time Anna tries to escape with the munchkin.  All went well until he pooped.  Then she gave him back.

This little guy on the right?  His name is Grady.  He has always had a small piece of my heart and willpower in his grubby little fist.  He's too darn cute.  I promise him ponies and candy quite constantly.

It's a moose sighting in the pool!  Would it surprise you to no end that he has no fear of water at all?  We're talking none.  He leaps off the side, goes under, comes up sputtering and laughing.  I leap off the side, go under, come up sputtering and need therapy.  If you could get me in a bathing suit to begin with, which is unlikely.

Anna, Nonna, and Cora.  Purty, purty Italian heartbreakers.

Airianna and Gianni sharing brownie batter. Wuv...twoo wuv...that's what bwings us togever today...that, and brownie batter.

OK, if you ever need to rent a car, get one with a sunroof.  Hours of unadulterated fun, boys and girls.  Rowan and Gianni found it immensely satisfying and entertaining.  Also, it has a voice activated something-or-other-thingamabob that Mike can hook up an Ipod to and then tell it what to play.  Very awesome.  Unless Gianni is obsessed with one particular Sugarland song and demands it to play constantly, which he does.

Cora and Channing.  We met this family when our respective girls were itty bitty and their respective mothers were starting the homeschooling process.  We went to a meeting and had to introduce ourselves and give our kids ages, and when Channing's mom stood up and I realized our kids were exactly the same ages I went over and threw myself prostrate on the ground and begged her to be my friend please, because all my other friends were enrolling their kids in preschool and kindergarten and thought I had completely lost my marbles.  Lucky for me, she obliged.  However, I don't like how much her daughters grow when I don't live here and so I think I'm breaking up with her.  Channing is eleven, which sort of makes me want to curl up in a corner and suck my thumb because that means Cora is almost eleven.  Which makes me want to curl up in a corner and suck my thumb.

Silly cousins.  

Thank you everyone for a wonderful vacation.  We miss you.  We love you.  Please come visit us in Michigan - a few more kids won't even be noticeable.

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  1. I remember it differently. I thought I was the desperate one on my knees begging for a friend going through the same thing. Not to mention, you had EXPERIENCE with this. You were a homeschool graduate! Can you hear the ooo's and ahh's of admiration and wonder. You even seemed to be a well-adjusted, "normal" adult. (Of course, I know better now - but am humble enough to realize that I, the public school graduate, am not any more well-adjusted; I cannot judge.)

    And I will not allow you to break up with me . . . just will not permit it - so don't try. :oP