Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oregon Trailings

I haven't lived in Oregon since I was a wee little sprout.  Actually, I was a 15 year old sprout, but I was fairly wee considering I stopped getting any taller at the age of 11 and was on a strict no fat, no dessert diet for that year.  I wore a size 2, and lived on carbs because I had no idea that those were not diet foods. 
Anyhoo, I'm back in Oregon and very delighted to be calling it home.  Medford is a cute town, surrounded by mountains.  I'd post pictures but our laptop is pushing up daisies and I'm not smart enough to know how to put the memory card thingamabob in the correct flashdrive attached to the right console whatchmacallit on my in-law's computer.  I can only do that with the laptop.  So, close your eyes and picture it with me:



The Ginger Rogers Theatre!

The Ashland Shakespeare Festival

Rolling wineries.  Well, I guess it's the vineyards that are rolling, not the wineries, per se. Unless you've spent too many hours there, sampling.  HAHAHAHAHA!

My favorite places to shop: Ross, The Grocery Outlet, TJ Maxx, and a plethora of thrift stores.

The Oregon coast 90 miles away.  They have the ocean, don't you know.  Also, crab.  And crab cakes, and crab patties, and crab salad, and crab omelets, and crab chowder.  And shrimp!  And shrimp gumbo...and shrimp - well, you get the picture.

a Dutch Bros coffee stand on every corner.

A pediatric dentist who said Gianni and his teeth should just be left alone!  Joy and happiness!  Rapture! 

A choice of swim teams for Miss Cora.

Lots of rental houses that are snatched up too quickly which I find extremely annoying.  We can't move until Oct 1, which means it's actually too early to start looking.  Which I find extremely annoying.  Somewhere out there is a house for meeeeee!  With a vacancy sign so you can come see meeeeeee!  Gianni and Milo are both good snugglers, you'll be in very good hands. Er, paws.

It's not too far from Idaho, my other home.

Did I mention the crab? And lobster!  And lobster stir fry, and lobster pancakes, and fried lobster, and baked lobster, and lobster with gobs of mayonnaise.  That last one was a shout out to Ginger, and the first person who tells me what movie she said that in gets a lobster!  Not really on the lobster prize.


  1. Rats. And here I thought you were just visiting orgeon. Glad you found a nice dentist who doesn't treat you like junk!

  2. "Carefree"! now give me my lobster prize!
    i like that u r in Or., i'm only 10min away from the border, don't cha know.

  3. Just caught up on the last three posts . . . guess I'm behind on my summer reading. :) When we were in Baker City, "Lobster in Mayonnaise" was on the 1905 Christmas menu. Guess it must be worth a try, next time I can afford it. :)

  4. Lorna, you have to have, ala Ginger Rogers, "gobs and gobs of mayonnaise" on the lobster. Makes you dream, donchaknow?
    Although I lived in Oregon for about a third of my life, I have never had Oregon lobster. We always had it flown in from Maine (when we won the lobster contest from the industrial electrical company). Are you sure there's lobster in Oregon????
    Love, gramma

  5. I adore medford. I would totally live there... I am a wee bit jealous now.

  6. Well, Lary, if we don't have lobsters after all, I'll just mail you a crab. Let me just wake the preteen up and box her up for you...