Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I'd Like Right Now

Not in whiney, pity poor me, kind of way, because let's face it, my life is beautiful, but in a day-dreamy, picture in my head, kind of way:

                                                      A bed that's big and soft and grown up.

                                               A trip to one of these with a gift card in hand.

                                                                              A home.

A Nook.  In case I finish my book and want to actually READ it.  Also because it would be nice to have instant reading in my purse.  Nothing brings on a panic attack swifter than being stuck at a swim class, dentist appointment, or family reunion with nothing to read.

                                                        A porch to do said reading on.

  A bit of stinky cheese and Merlot while sitting on my porch in my home with my used books/Nook.

What do you day dream about?


  1. an ocean view wrap around porch... my own lap pool. a grove of fruit trees...
    a maid.
    a baby.
    a really fabulous agent/book deal package.

    so yeah... all completely simple, realistic, plausable things. :)

  2. All of those sound wonderful, and of course that maid that Misty mentioned, but with the expenses paid for by someone else...

  3. I almost put a baby on there as well, but I thought it might make my husband shriek like a little schoolgirl if I didn't warn him...

  4. I'm a little late to the party but I day dream about....
    a house of our own
    quitting my job
    a baby
    morning yoga
    weekly visits to the Farmer's Market
    a garden
    hmmm......could it be I'm living in the wrong city for these dreams???