Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Happy birthday, Laryssa Kate.

Little sis.

Wearer of Sally Jessie Raphael glasses.

And chicken hats.

Lover of Bryan Adams and Christian Slater.

Feet that make ballerinas weak.

The cool sister.

The crazy sister.

Better at hip hop than I.
Of course, so is my cocker spaniel.

Was my doula.

I was kinda her's, but I kept falling asleep. Is it my fault if her kids like to be born in the wee hours after upteen hours of labor?

Pictured above with the mopcap.
We were homeschooled and into tea parties.
Don't judge.
Yes, that's me on top and two of our best friends. Evidently one thought she had a career in music. It's good to know, Aerie dear, that if your science career doesn't pan out, you can start singing again.

Kindly shares custody of Nathan Fillian with me.
In our heads.

Owned a VW bus and moved away too young.

Came back and ever so nicely gave me two nieces and a nephew. (She's giving like that).

Sharer of all my favorite memories.

Best friend.

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  1. I practice in the car daily. Just in case...
    Happy birthday improv queen, braid lover, and girl who knows how to pick a PERFECT day to give birth!