Friday, May 18, 2012


Things that made me cry before having children (i.e. before "the hormonies" took over my life):

extreme pain


chopping onions

Things that make me cry after having children:

songs on the radio. Especially anything that brings to mind a memory, or anything by Martina McBride

the thought of running out of coffee

not sleeping


movies - any and all, but especially heartwarming scenes. Or the not heartwarming scenes but the ones instead that creep up on you, like when the dad in We Bought A Zoo kicks over the planter because he's mad and he's had it, but then he rights it again, and you're like, yes! he's still in with this zoo thing! because for a moment there, you were worried. Or the scene in Dan In Real Life where they're all doing the talent show, which isn't really a crying scene but I think I just want a family lake house to do a family talent show in. And I'd like Dianne Wiest and the dad from Frazier (I forget his name) to be there. They don't have to replace my parents, of course, they could just be an extra set or something. It'd be handy to have an extra set of parents, wouldn't it? Also, the entire hour and a half of Up, but that's a given.

books - mostly picture books. Mostly picture books that aren't remotely sad at all. Or Knuffle Bunny Free, which totally gets me so choked up I have to point out the words at the end for Gianni, and pretend I'm teaching him to read. Also, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs; the end where the fields of snow with Grandpa smell like mashed potatoes with a sun that looks like a pat of butter. Why does that make me tear up? Who knows. Maybe I have an underdeveloped desire to go sledding on mashed potatoes. Well, really, who doesn't? 

Dumbo. Can't do it. Baby, Mine? Good grief, why don't you just slice open all my skin and give me a lemon juice bath? it'd be less painful.

Antiques Roadshow. Is it because I have nothing of value in my attic, or is because I love watching strangers get rich?

Series finales. Even series finales of shows I never watched. Heck, I watched the Dawson's Creek series finale and got teary and I never even saw another episode and didn't know who the heck those people were. 

When Gianni says he'll marry me in ONE THOUSAND DAYS. Now to him, one thousand days is pretty much never, the same as a million years, in fact he probably meant to say one thousand years, but I'll take it. Also, when he says "You're the best mom ever!" even when it's followed promptly by, "Daddy made me say that!"

Sweet kids with good parents in grocery stores.

Naughty kids with worse parents in grocery stores.

The last line of a good book. Or the acknowledgments at the end. Or the back flap with the author bio. Or pretty much any part of a good book.

Alright, the list is getting ridiculous now. What silly things make you cry?


  1. Oh yeah, Dumbo does it to me every time!
    ~ Amber

  2. These days, anything and everything. I have had to double my mascara budget to allow for so many reapplies in a day. I cry over history questions, dropping a hot loaf of bread on the floor, spilling frozen peas on the floor when no one is home to pick them up for me, when I have to tell my kids to get down while I drive out of a police shootout on my way to a midwife appointment...the list goes on. Please tell me this ends after the girl comes out.

  3. Police shoot out?!?!?! What the????
    That's it, I'm coming to get you and we are moving to the country!

  4. Yeah, I cried watching We Bought a Zoo, and tear up at the strangest things. Broke down in sobs after buying $5 worth of "feet" at a small store in Glenns Ferry to support the Cancer Society and we wrote the names of 5 cancer survivors we know on each foot. Can't remember too many others off-hand, because I don't like crying. I especially hate the "trying-not-to-cry" headache.

    1. Oh yes! That headache is the worst one.

  5. this is so embarrassing but if i watch or listen to something that i think my husband should see/hear. then I will play it for him and I will cry. I don't know if it's some deeply emotional place in me that's begging for him to see it's amazingness as profoundly as I did, or what the deal is...

    1. As long as he doesn't point and laugh at you, you're golden!

  6. BABY WIPE and DIAPER commercials!

    The Christmas FOLGERS commercial! (the old one)

    Any "Military Mom or Dad surprises kids by coming home" clip.

    Yeah, I'm a sap...

  7. Oh yes, any old holiday commercials! I totally know which Folgers one you're talking about. The one with the older brother? Waaaaaa!

  8. You forgot supermarket openings!!!

  9. I cry every time I read Knuffle Bunny Free too! My kids could not understand why I was crying at a funny Mo Willems book--but then again, I cried the first time I read We Are in a Book too, but it was because I could not stop laughing. I just had a baby two months ago so just about anything makes me cry right now, but I prefer the happy tears so if you have not watched the YouTube video when Lily finds out she is going to Disneyland do it now!

  10. Tears flow when I speak of my 93 year old grandpa who is dealing with big life changes and worried at how it will affect us. They swell on my bottom lid when end-of-the-year math gets the better of my 3rd grader and then she just "GETS IT"! And oh the mess that occurs when my husband's patience consumes my selfishness.