Monday, November 26, 2012


Things we know about my feet:

1.  They are hobbit feet. Short, and chubby, and somewhat square.

2.  Also know as Flintstone feet.

3.  Also known as Maple Bar feet.

4.  They used to be able to do things like this:

But then they got old and extra Maple-y, and now they look like this:

not me. Einstein. But we share a love of fuzzy footwear.

Anyway, the girls were complaining all last week that the Mommobile smelled. Specifically, they whined, it smelled like rotten yogurt.

Seeing as how they're the ones who eat in the Mommobile, not the Mom for which it was named, I gave them the task of cleaning it out. There's probably something nasty that you gremlins forgot you left back there somewhere, said I.

Let it be known, I could not smell the odoriferous culprit myself.

Turns out it was coming from the front seat, not the back, and they traced it to my dance bag - specifically, my ballet shoes. Which I don't think smell at all. I mean, they're no petunias, but come on. Rotten yogurt? I'm insulted. Frodo. I really am.


  1. Awe... Well, my husband's feet smell so awful it grosses him out SO, it could be much worse! :)

    1. You know what I found, not two hours after I wrote this???? I dumped everything out to wash, and I found a moldy chocolate chip cookie in the bottom!!! ANNA'S moldy chocolate chip cookie that she put in there weeks ago!!! It was NOT my yogurt feet after all!