Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Last

Last movie I watched at home:
Coal Miner's Daughter.
Gosh, I love Tommy Lee Jones.
Incidentally, did you know that Crystal Gayle is Loretta Lynn's sister??  How come I didn't know this?  Crystal Gayle was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen as a child.  I daydreamed about her hair.

Last movie I watched in the theaters:
I forget the name.  It was at Northern Lights in Nampa, Idaho before I moved, and we went for Mariah's birthday.  It was totally rash.  But terribly funny.  Not recommended.  But terribly funny.

Last book I read:
Like Water for Chocolate.
So odd!

Last meal I ate:
Linguine with spicy sausage, zucchini, corn, and diced tomatoes.
You know how you can slurp one side of a linguine noodle while someone else slurps the other side and you end up kissing?  I do not want to be alive the day I realize my son is too old to do that with anymore.


Last dessert I ate:
Super yummy custard coconut thingamobob.  Tasted just like something my mommy would make.  And should make.  And should mail to me.

Last thing I commented on on Facebook:
Congrats for a new baby.
Me want new baby.
Stop it.
All of you stop having babies right this instant!

Last time I got to use the little girl's room in private:
July 18, 2000.

Last time I wore a dress:
Cuz I'm Baptist and that's how we roll.

Last time I annoyed my boss:
Yesterday when he sent an email that instructed 'Please let me know you received this,' and I replied with an email that said, 'I did not receive this email.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!'

Last time my boss called and informed me that I am a smart alec:
Yesterday after emailing incident.

Last thing I bought:
Well, Mike bought groceries yesterday.  He keeps doing that!  He is excellent at it.  This worries me to no end.  What if he starts being all nurturing?  Braiding hair?  Painting toenails?  Cooking?  Will I no longer be needed?  I need my grocery shopping back.  I'm supposed to be better at it then him.  Why are you calling me a control freak?

Last time I threatened my first born with ripping off my second born's leg and using it to smack her with:
I would never do that!
OK, I may have said something to that effect.

Last time I had a date with my hunk of man candy:
Last week for our dozen year anniversary.  We ate prime rib and informed the waitress she may as well get comfortable as we were not exiting the premises until we absolutely had to.

Last time I decided I didn't want to homeschool anymore:
This morning.

Last time I decided I loved homeschooling:
This morning.

Last thing I used in the shower:
Baking soda as a facial scrub.  Ingenius and inexpensive.  And scrubby.

Last time I was in a car accident:
If the whole deer debacle doesn't count, than that time that mountain jumped in front of me in Idaho City.  It came out of nowhere, I tells yous!

Last sport I played:

Last sport I watched:

Last tv show I watched:
The Biggest Loser.
While eating cake, naturally.

Last place I went:
It's a lot like Spam-A-Lot.
'Tis a silly place.


  1. Last time you texted me a funny kid quote or qwirky (what a qwirky word to spell!) question...

    Not recently enough!

  2. lol! you are too funny! loved it!

  3. Last time u hopped in the car and drove across country to see your sister............. Tonight!!!!

  4. I used to daydream about Crystal Gale's hair too!!! And the movie we saw in the theatres was "She's Out of My League" and it WAS totally hilarious. Like Water for Chocolate? One of the best movies I've ever seen! You should check it out. I saw it a million years ago. And don't worry....I'd slurp that linguini with Isaac until LONG after I should and have everybody talking! Slurp, slurp......delicious.

  5. Aer and Lar,
    I can't text and drive at the same time - safety, my little chickadees, safety!!

  6. then give the phone to cora to text while u drive!

  7. "Last time I threatened my first born with ripping off my second born's leg and using it to smack her with"...........hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you. I'm using that.