Thursday, December 23, 2010

the stockings were hung

We lost our stockings in the move.  Yaah for $12 at the Dollar Store, some crafty kids, and a hot glue gun! They have been replaced...probably just in time for me to remember exactly where I put the original ones.  I think they turned out nicely, if I do so say myself!  And I do.

Cora and her friend, Lydia.  She's very shy, the poor kid.

If you've already watched the holiday classic, It's a Wonderful Life, then go rent this fabulous movie.  It's the same director and has old mean Mr Potter, except he's the jolly old grandpa in this one.  It's such a good movie.  And wonderful for watching during stocking making.  I love the batty ballerina sister and the romance novelist mom.  I want to be a lily of the field! 

Sorry.  No one got that reference.

I adore Jean Arthur...she was cute as a button and had great comedic timing.  And she got to act with Jimmy Stewart AND Cary Grant, the lucky duck.  If I can't be Julie Andrews or Angela Lansbury, then I'd like to be Jean Arthur.  The clothes, the glamor, the heels!  Jury is still out on that 1940s hair though; that was one unfortunate decade for women's hairstyles.

In other news, most of the group home kiddos have gone back east to see family.  It's practically quiet around these parts.  Except for those Williams' kids.  Gianni was in the bath yesterday and here is a snippet of our conversation:

G sticks his tongue out and says,
"Guess what this is, Mommy?  It's on my tongue!"

Actually, since his mouth was open and he was trying not to drop the object off his tongue, it sounded more like,
"Dess what dis is, Mommy?  Iz on my tund!"

I squint and peer closer.  Whatever it is, it's not very big and kind of looks like a tiny peice of yellowish/greenish ... food?

"I don't know, what it is?"

"It's a booger."

Then he closed his mouth and swallowed happily.

The End.


  1. Love the stockings . . . great work! And the movie is on Netflix Instant Play, so I think that would be a great idea! 'specially if I still have sick kids. :)

    PS. G - at least he's not allergic to them, right?

  2. Eeeewww. My husband actually heard somewhere (I suspect on talk radio) that eating your boogers is actually supposed to be good for your immune system, kind of like a vaccine, as disgusting as that sounds. Still can't quite bring myself to take up the old habit, though. I haven't been into boogers since I was like 4. But old movies are great, and I love your stockings! :)

  3. stockings look awesome!!! good job! between Anna's "smells like my boogers" and gianni eating his, aly whiping hers on tenille, makes me think our kids have booger issues! ;)
    MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!