Friday, January 14, 2011

I forgot.

Adding on to the list of maladies I've had that I forgot I had:

1.  Grabbing the electric fence to see if it was on.  It was.  It smarted.  I remember walking into my house (I was probably 11 or so) and asking my dad oh-so casually,
'Hey, Dad...whatcha doin'?  Yeah....uh, is the fence on today?'
'Yeah.  Why?'
' reason.'

Then I went to my room and cried.

2.  Toe nail fell off.  Ballerina hazard.  Don't worry, I didn't paste it in my scrapbook or anything.

3.  We had a rope attached to a tall tree that was near a tall fence.  We'd climb the fence and launch into space and grab the rope and go flying ala George of the Jungle style, pushing off the tree and the fence.  One time I missed the rope.

4.  When Anna was a new baby she was sitting on my lap, holding the mail.  She flung an envelope around like babies do when they haven't fully figured out how to control their limbs.  The envelope hit me in the eye.  After a couple days of major pain, I went to see the eye doctor.  My eyeball (that's the technical, Latin term) was lacerated.  I had to wear an eye patch like Long John Silver for a while.  They said I'd need surgery, but it healed on it's own.  Although every morning even now, it takes a minute to blink my eye open, cuz it still smarts after it's been closed for a night.

I think that's it.  I need some tea now.  Did I mention my son has a hole in his ear?  Make it tea with sugar and cream.  Live dangerous, I always say.


  1. what about the jump off the picnic table to swing on the rope and instead you slid down the picnic table and scraped your back apart? and the time i led you blindfolded into the bbq? (i swear i said to stop!) and the time anna was a baby and cut your eye with paper? and........

  2. Ooooo, the eye one WAS a goodun! I have to add that one, thanks.

    And what about the time you bit my belly after I slid down the slide??? Uh huh....that's a blog all it's own.

  3. I grabbed an electric fence this summer. And I'm 35. It happens.