Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bday Pics

Cora and a new buddy and some weird toddler we found.

                             A gift to hang on her bedroom wall, should she ever get a bedroom!

                         C and Great Gramma Nancy.  Can you see the Italian resemblance?

Party crasher.  We fed him cake and suckers and soda and then sent him home to his momma.                                            
                                                        Wait! That'd be me.  Sigh.

                                                                 C and her Papa.

Umm.  Yeah.  Party guests.  Never seen them before in my life.

Her.  Me.


  1. Careful... someone may read your blog and later tell your son you deny knowing him and therefore don't love him. just saying, apparently trolls do that sort of thing... like lurk and cause trouble. Just kidding...

    At any rate, She will totally have a bedroom (and not one furnished by afore mentioned trolls either!) and your rockin' little family (disowned son included) will have a happily ever after. ;)

    Cuz you know, the trolls are gone.

  2. Boy Crazy and Devis- you are correct, indeed!

    Thank you, Lorna dear.

    Misty, you win props for best comment this month! Trolls...heehee.

  3. Happy Bday Cora...I wish I was there to take you to see Harry Potter!!! I miss you, you pretty little nugget!- Auntie Gen