Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nothing much is happening these days so I'm treating this blog more like a diary.  

Dear diary...nothing much is happening these days.

Note:  when I was about my daughter Anna's age my diary was name DeeDee.  I thought that was an unbelievably lovely and grown up and sophisticated name.  I also remember very suddenly at this very moment a moment of Who's The Boss?  where Sam had a friend who wanted to change her name to Vivian.  Sam said why?  She said dreamily, Isn't it obvious?  Sorry.  Sometimes I have random flashbacks of episodes of Who's The Boss.  Actually, it may have been Full House.

Last week there were all sorts of job prospects happenin.'  This week:  nothing.  A void of internet emptiness and despair.  Being unemployed and living with family alternates between chaos and boredom.  It's like a lovely vacation ... that doesn't end.  It was wonderful of my in-laws to thoughtfully pick out a home in a subdivision with a pool, ten years ago when they moved here.    It's like they knew - instinctively knew - that somehow at least one of their six children would move back in with his spouse and three kids.  They're thoughtful and prophetic people like that!  So as much as I despise pools (the bathing suits!  the pee!  the loud small humans! the deep water that could harbor sharks!) we have spent so much time there my children look like I kidnapped them from Mexico.  Their tan lines are adorable, especially Gianni's whose white little bottom peeks out from beneath his Star Wars swim trunks.  I, on the other hand, have a lovely burn on the backs of my thighs (i.e. tushy) and it now hurts to sit down.  Alas.  I was going for Bronze Amazon Goddess when I laid out with my SPF 4 Banana Boat tanning oil and got immersed in a Dean Koontz Frankenstein novel.  They just don't make SPF 4 like they used to.

Frankenstein is another one of those words that the ol' I before E except after C rule doesn't apply. Is there a second verse to that totally errant expression? Or does it just not apply when the word is ... German?  

It's actually good I have so much time on my hands;  I obviously have been philosophizing quite a bit.  

I have to go now because I'm making my father in law watch Runaway Jury.  I'm hoping the ending surprises him but I don't think it will considering the last movie I forced him to watch was The Usual Suspects and he totally figured out the ending before it happened!  I mean, who does that?  No one knows that little ol' lame Verbal Kent played by little ol' Kevin Spacey is REALLY Keyser Soze!!!!  Umm, spoiler alert.  But it's like 15 years old, so if you haven't seen it yet, you ain't going to.  I heart movies with shocking endings.  The Others and Arlington Road, two of my other favorites.

Signing off, dear diary.


  1. NO WAY!! My diary's name was DeeDee . . . what's up with that? :) It had a little lock and key too.

  2. Uh, do you not remember that your very own mommy figured out the Usual Suspects before it practically even started? Hmmmm?

  3. No, Ms Anonymous, I do not remember that. I think you are lying.

    Lorna, no way?!?!?! Unless this is Justin, then double no way?!?!?!?!

  4. Ie or Ei? I before e (chief) except after c (receive), if we say A (vein) and in some exceptions : either, weird, foreign, forfeited, leisure, neither, heifer, seized, counterfeit, and protein... and now Frankenstein.
    There are more exceptions then followers of this silly English rule.
    I did not just copy this from my 3rd graders spelling rule notebook. I have it memorized.

  5. Heehee! I 2nd Misty. Cute. After I finish the series I'm reading, Dean Koontz' latest Frankenstien book is next! Been waitin' for it!

  6. Ooops. Spelling it wrong. See? I'd make a terrible editor. (But please please please let me read your book???!!!)