Thursday, November 24, 2011


Grateful for...

...where I was one year ago and where I am today. Last year I hit a deer with my van, which wasn't very holiday-like of me. This year I will stay out of vehicles.

Visiting friends.

Veggie trays while the turkey cooks.  Go, turkey, go!  Brown up, baby, and get in my belly!

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in the background while we fill the crockpot with apple cider, Tawni rolls out a pie crust using a wine bottle, the number of guests keeps tallying up, the crescent rolls rise, the kids rollerblade, the dog enjoys his giblets, and we plan our Christmas tree hunt for this weekend.

Texts from my group home kids...happy thanksgiving to you too, you little gremlins.

Daughters who can take over the Dreaded and Hideous Gravy Whisking Chore that was the bane of my childhood.  Muwahahaha!

Six homemade batches of chocolate truffles ready to be sent off to Idaho.  Don't you wished you lived in Idaho?

Christmas cards in a perfect stack, ready for addressing.  Want one?  Send me your address.  If you are not in my red Wonder Woman address book, you may as well not exist.

A job I totally enjoy.

Writing that people enjoy.

A book that is almost finished.

Mom and Dad.

Boots, jackets, scarves, dresses with leggings. 

Milo and Gianni sitting perched on the floor watching the dog show on television.  Milo is sure to win, in spite of his giblet breath.  Gianni is also in the running in the hound category.  He is a most excellent howler. 

"Four Christmas'" on the dvr to watch with my snugglebunny one night with the extra chocolate truffles (it's not my fault that they all won't fit in the gift boxes).

The turkey induced coma I will shortly fall in to.  I will only be revived by the odor of apple crisp or pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream wafted gently under my snoring nose.  

What are you thankful for today and everyday?

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